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Dorit Kemsley's Husband Calls 'Elements' Of Her PTSD After Home Invasion 'Obnoxious' -- WTF?!

Dorit Kemsley's Husband Calls 'Elements' Of Her PTSD Post-Home Invasion 'Obnoxious'

Dorit Kemsley and her husband Paul “PK” Kemsley are struggling to see eye-to-eye as she deals with PTSD following a horrifying home invasion in 2021.

In a candid new episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills out on Wednesday, the pair sat down for couple’s therapy to talk about the “severity” of the reality star’s condition when PK shockingly revealed he’s having a hard time understanding his wife’s situation, saying:

“There are elements I understand. There are also elements that I don’t consider are PTSD — I don’t. I consider they’re more obnoxious.”

He followed that up by wondering, “The reality is, when does high maintenance blend with PTSD?” Jeez!! Rude AF!

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The English businessman expressed his feelings further in a confessional, musing:

“When I first met Dorit, she was this bubbly, enthusiastic, beautiful girl, and she was not quite as high maintenance as she is now.”

She literally saw her life flash before her eyes in the armed robbery — which saw two men break into her Encino Hills home in the middle of the night after she’d just returned home from London with her kids Jagger, 7, and Phoenix, 5, — so, no wonder she’s not as bubbly!

As for Dorit, she, too, thinks her partner has changed over the years, saying how she used to love how “he could let go of things so easily,” but over the “last few years, he’s definitely gotten more harsh with me, a little mean sometimes.” The 47-year-old then hit back at her hubby’s harsh take on her mental health, calling him out for “reaching.” PK denied he was doing such a thing, simply adding that he was “trying to understand” what she was going through. The fashion designer replied:

“We’re talking about specifically certain triggers. It’s like I’m a totally new person, and I can’t do anything about it. Do you have any idea how difficult that is, and what it’s like to live with that?”

The Bravo personality went on to say she has a hard time with the fact the 56-year-old hasn’t been there both physically and emotionally since the invasion (which he also wasn’t home for), adding that all she wants is for him to “comfort” her when she’s “having an episode.” Aw! Elaborating in a confessional, she continued:

“In a marriage, these are the times that truly test your relationship. This particular bad time where I need PK, and it’s not the other way around, he’s coming up really short.”

Paul seemed to understand where she was coming from — to an extent — and in his own talk with the cameras, he discussed the difficulties managing the “pressures” of different aspects of life. While he conceded that he may not always “balance it as well as I should,” he insisted it’s not a “one-sided thing,” noting:

“We need to keep each other happy, and we need to sometimes be wrong, which has always been a challenge for Dorit.”

Throwing some subtle shots! But, don’t worry, the property developer isn’t totally heartless. Back with Dorit and the therapist, PK got emotional as he begged his wife to “give me a chance to understand” the PTSD and to “articulate [answers to his questions or how she’s feeling] just a little bit calmer and a little bit less irritated,” furthering:

“I’m not seeking to irritate you, I’m seeking to understand you. It makes me emotional, because you know I’m OK with it. It’s very difficult when you love someone, to listen to how much pain you’re in.”

Oof. It’s clearly been tough for him too, even if he doesn’t understand it all. While Dorit did move over to comfort him (ironic, we know!), she isn’t letting him off the hook. To cameras, she urged that she still needs him to “want to be there for me” in order for them to “succeed,” ominously pointing out that if he can’t do this for her, she doesn’t know “what the future holds.” Wow. Pressures on…

As Precious readers know, the couple has been candid about experiencing marriage troubles, telling People in October that they are “committed to working through these issues as a united couple for our family.” Doesn’t seem like they’ve thrown in the towel, and having an open forum to talk things out in therapy will hopefully help them navigate these challenging times.

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