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Nicole Young Thinks Dr. Dre Had Secret Love Children Outside The Marriage?!

nicole young thinks dr dre has secret children

Nicole Young is pulling out ALL the stops in these divorce proceedings!

Her split from Dr. Dre has been as contentious as possible — which makes sense considering how expensive it may shake out to be. Most recently, Nicole responded to Dre’s business partner having her investigated for embezzlement by attempting to subpoena the mogul’s THREE alleged mistresses. Yeah, we really meant all the stops.

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But that isn’t all the 50-year-old has in her back pocket. In a new filing, she’s demanded the Beats By Dre creator produce any paperwork involving paternity actions he may have been involved in during their marriage — aka, to prove whether there are some secret love children out there!

In legal documents obtained by, Nicole’s lawyers sought “any and all documents evidencing all monies paid on retainer and/or fees and costs paid to legal counsel and/or experts in connection with any paternity action, regardless of whether a formal action was held and whether said legal action ever was or is pending in a court in Los Angeles or anywhere else in the world.” They’re also looking for “diaries or journals he may have kept, plus records of money or gifts worth $500 or more he has given to ‘third parties.'”

Oh snap! Does she know something we don’t?? Or is she just playing the odds with three mistresses and counting? (Ooh, good name for a reality show…)

According to the outlet, Dre’s team have opposed the motion on the grounds it would invade his “right to privacy” and the right to privacy of any of those “third parties” — IF they exist. While fighting to reduce the number of documents they have to turn over to Team Nicole, they’ve also sought a confidentiality agreement to make sure none of that juicy info would make it out of a courtroom.

The music producer’s attorney Laura Wasser accused Nicole of harassing Dre with her requests for years’ worth of paperwork. She also criticized the mother of two for refusing to sign the confidentiality agreement, saying:

“Providing confidential information without the protection of a confidentiality stipulation is a gross violation of Andre’s constitutional right of privacy.”

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Of course, Nicole’s lawyer Samantha Spector hit back. Per, she stated:

“His failure to provide even five years of documents is inexcusable. Andre is not interested in resolving this dispute. His only interest is stonewalling Nicole. Andre’s objection that gathering the documents would be an unnecessary, costly endeavor is unworthy of argument considering that Andre earned in excess of $100 million in 2018 and has an estimated net worth of nearly $1 billion. Andre is not entitled to a confidentiality agreement and his desire for one is not an appropriate basis to withhold documents.”

Hoo boy. So depending on how this particular motion plays out, there could be a lot more dirty laundry getting aired in this court case. We’ll be very interested to see what happens next!

[Image via La Niece/WENN]

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Nov 06, 2020 16:27pm PDT

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