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Drake Bell Spotted Inhaling From Balloon After Blowing Up At Being Called A ‘Pedophile’ On Twitter

Drake Bell Spotted Inhaling From Balloon After Denying Being A ‘Pedophile’ On Twitter

Drake Bell has been spotted for the first time since being reported “missing and endangered” last week. 

As we reported, after the Drake and Josh star worried his brother with talk of self-harm amid a fight with his ex, police began searching with the fear of “a possible attempted suicide.” Thankfully Drake revealed he was fine — but was he?

In new pictures obtained by on Wednesday, the Nickelodeon alum was spotted in the front seat of his car in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon. Wearing a black baseball cap and sunglasses, he could be seen holding an inflated balloon that he appeared to be inhaling from. Next to him was an unidentified canister. TMZ noted balloons are often a delivery system for nitrous oxide… Which if huffed, can get you high… This is also known informally as doing whippets or hippy crack.

This is, sadly, not the first time he’s been spotted in the act, as he was also photographed in December doing the same thing — while his son was in the backseat of his car, according to the outlet.

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This, of course, all comes after the disgraced star’s rather active week on Twitter. After reappearing, he spilled that he learned about his estranged wife Janet Von Schmeling finally filing for divorce online — and used the moment to plug his new song.

He also was apparently fighting off trolls who were blasting him on the social media site amid his strange scandal because he wrote:

“It truly blows my mind how mean people are on here to people clearly dealing with mental health issues. It’s unreal how cruel you all can be.”

A little hint of what they were saying? Well, just a couple minutes later he responded to a user who said he should have been canceled for being a “pedophile.” He blasted back:

“Stoooppppp I am NOT!!!! F**k you all I swear to god!!!!!!!”

Clearly that’s a reference to when he pleaded guilty in June 2021 to endangering the welfare of a 15-year-old girl. He and the minor had apparently been sending phone messages which got sexual; it’s unclear if he was aware of her age, but in any case he got a slap on the wrist. However, it’s clear the scandal is still following him around, and he’s unable to shake the hit to his reputation.

Is the stress from being judged online pushing him to fall back on bad habits?

What’s YOUR take on everything, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Images via Derrick Salters/MEGA/WENN]

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