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Drew Barrymore Gets Emotional Over Britney Spears Calling Her One Of The ‘Most Beautiful People’ She’s Ever Met In IG Tribute!

Drew Barrymore Gets Emotional After Britney Spears Calls Her & Kate Hudson The ‘Most Beautiful People’ She’s Ever Seen In IG Tribute

Drew Barrymore has nothing but love for Britney Spears!

In case you missed it, the 40-year-old pop sensation took to Instagram earlier this week where she reflected on the two times she has been left speechless after meeting fellow celebrities. Who were those two A-Listers? They were none other than Drew and Kate Hudson. Britney raved at the time:

“I’ve met 1000s of celebrities in the business … but I have to say the 2 people where I literally went speechless were @katehudson and @drewbarrymore. They are by far the 2 most beautiful people I have ever seen in my life !!! Like shocking !!!”

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The Crossroads actress then went on to detail her awkward meeting with the pair, recalling:

“I had to open my stupid mouth with Kate so I ran away immediately and with Drew … I went mute!!! I’m saying all this because it honestly is weird that in social media the expectations to be perfect is pretty crazy !!! … We do care what others think and then when you start to take yourself seriously I give up before I even begin because I care too much !!! It’s too hard. … I’m sharing this because we all seem to alienate behind our phones and computers … I’ve never opened a computer my whole life … just a phone.”

You can ch-ch-check out the entire post (below):

Drew Barrymore Gets Emotional After Britney Spears Calls Her & Kate Hudson The ‘Most Beautiful People’ She’s Ever Seen In IG Tribute
(c) Britney Spears/Instagram

It didn’t take long for Kate to express her appreciation for Britney’s sweet words, writing in the comments section along with red heart emojis:

“So much to unpack here lovely woman! But I have three important things to say…I think! 1) DON’T EVER STOP SMILING AT STRANGERS! You can and have changed lives with that smile! 2) Perfection in BORING 3) I’m beyond flattered by this compliment.”

And now, it looks like Drew is ready to respond to her touching tribute, as well! In a snew peak for an upcoming episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the 47-year-old host explained that it took her a couple of days to answer because she wanted to “choose” her words carefully, saying:

“I was down here filming and everyone came running up and was like, ‘Did you see?’ And I said, ‘I’ll see it when I go upstairs, I want to be thoughtful, I want to read every word she says. I want to respond thoughtfully, I want to choose my words the right way.’”

The Never Been Kissed actress went on to say that she’s really looking forward to Britney’s upcoming book “because I think it’s just a smart and intelligent way to tell her story,” adding that:

“It’ll get us all reading and off our screens, so thank you Britney for that, and she will control that narrative, and she will tell us in her own words, and it’s just a brilliant way for us to be invited into her world.”

Drew then admitted:

“It’s such a moment for me, I have so many feelings towards her, so much profoundness, so how do you encapsulate that in a post? She managed to do it, but now I gotta figure it out. When you put your words out there Britney Spears, we’re all listening, so I’m really excited for your book.”

While the actress doesn’t want to assume aspects of Brit’s life, she noted that they have some “unique journeys in common,” adding:

“There’s a tremendous amount of understanding that I have for her. It’s hard to put into words how I feel about her, but it is beautiful.”

Awww, Drew! You can watch her entire emotional response to Britney’s post (below):

[Image via Drew Barrymore/Instagram, WENN]

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