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Watch Drew Barrymore & Dakota Johnson Share A MOMENT Over That Infamous Ellen Interview!

drew barrymore, dakota johnson, ellen degeneres : drew praises dakota for that infamous ellen moment

Everyday viewers on the internet may have absolutely loved Dakota Johnson’s awkward Ellen DeGeneres confrontation, but it appears she has some celebs on her side, too.

Chatting with Drew Barrymore on her eponymous talk show on Thursday, that infamous viral moment came up in the most unexpected of ways.

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The Never Been Kissed star asked the younger actress about her neighbors, a list which includes Jimmy Kimmel and his family. Dakota said about the talk show host and his wife Molly McNearny:

“They’re great neighbors except they have a lot of parties and they don’t invite me.”

Drew couldn’t help but see the irony in her comment considering her most infamous talk show moment. So she raised an eyebrow at the suggestion, asking:

“Is this for real? Because people have gotten in trouble for claiming not being invited to your parties.”

Ha! Yep… Drew was referencing the talk show appearance heard ’round the world, when Ellen put on a big show of whining about being left out from Dakota’s bday party with Chris Martin, and the 50 Shades of Grey star stood up to the comedian:

“Actually, no, that’s not the truth, Ellen.”

And went on to reveal the host had been invited and had turned it down. You remember the rest! It was one of the most awkward moments in daytime TV history, and the 2019 clip only got more viral traction after Ellen’s not-so-nice reputation got out last year.

As Dakota began to laugh at the momma bringing up the old drama, Drew grinned over her coffee mug and said:

“That was amazing, by the way, like, amazing.”

Wow. We wouldn’t have expected the multi hyphenate hostess to give props to the moment which has been called by some the “catalyst for Ellen’s downfall.” At least, not on national television!

Seems there’s no love lost between Drew and the woman whose daytime TV dominance to which she aspires!

This whole thing is particularly inneresting since Dakota and Drew were actually photographed together at Ellen’s birthday party in 2018. Were they commiserating about their host even then? Hmm… It’s a small, weird world over in Hollywood!

Twitter fans loved Dakota’s reaction (above), but she mostly kept her mouth shut on the subject. However, later on the show she did admit:

“I’m not really a confrontational person.”

Could’ve fooled us! LOLz!

Watch the full Drew Barrymore Show segment (below):

[Image via NBC/CBS/YouTube]

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