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This Indiana Driver Was So Drunk She Drove Her Car On A Frozen Canal! Watch!

DUI Suspect Drives Down Frozen Canal In Indianapolis Before Car Plunges Into Icy Water! (VIDEO)

An Indianapolis woman has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after she was seen piloting her car down a frozen canal in the city’s downtown area.

Biankia Gleason, a 33-year-old woman from the Indiana capital, was arrested on Christmas night after her car plunged into the icy canal in Indy. She told cops she’d been following her GPS and got lost before her car broke through the ice. But immediately, officers suspected something else was happening.

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Of course, like much of the country, Indianapolis has been suffering through a terrible winter storm over the last few days. In the downtown part of the city, there is a nice canal area that runs between buildings and under roads. In normal times, it makes for a nice walking path where one can take a stroll along the water’s edge. And when it’s this cold out, it freezes completely over and makes for an informal ice rink!!

So that’s how things were at about 11:00 p.m. local time on Christmas night when a group of ice skaters snuck onto the canal to enjoy some quality time. For a while, they skated freely and made a Winter Wonderland memory! And then a car came careening down the frozen canal past them!!


A video of what police later determined was Gleason’s car went mega-viral on Reddit the day after Christmas. In the clip, which you can see (below), the ice skaters shuffle out of the way while the car drives straight down the middle of the icy road waterway. Technically, the ice skaters probably shouldn’t be on the canal — but the car 1000% should not be there!!

Moments after the video ended, at the end of the canal near New York Street in downtown Indy, the automobile broke through a thin section of the ice and plunged into the freezing water. Thankfully, the skaters and some other passersby were on hand to pull the woman, later identified as Gleason, out of the car. Reports state she was NOT seriously hurt in the accident. Thank goodness!

But as cops and paramedics came on scene to evaluate her, they started asking questions. The way Gleason told it, according to Fox 59 News, is that she followed her GPS directions down an embankment through a nearby park. When she got to the canal, she drove onto it and went north for a while. Eventually, she hit a dead end. Then, she turned around, went south, drove past the skaters, and eventually plunged into the water.

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Needless to say, cops were shocked at how far she made it on the canal. It’s a testament to how cold the nighttime temperatures were and how solidly packed the ice was… until it wasn’t. Police were, however, skeptical of Gleason’s GPS claim. Paramedics first took her to Indy’s Eskenazi Hospital for further evaluation, according to a report from WRTV. Shortly afterward cops arrested her on suspicion of drunk driving and booked her in jail. Per Fox 59 News, she bonded out the next day.

One witness who called police and helped pull Gleason out of the car spoke to Fox 59 News about the experience. Mason Brauchla told the news outlet he was taking out the trash at his home near the canal when he saw headlights. So, he went over to observe:

“I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing. I couldn’t believe first off the ice was even supporting their car for that long. They were probably going 30 miles per hour at least I was just shocked.”

No kidding…

What an unexpected Christmas sight!!

You can see more about the tire tracks she left behind that were still visible the next day (below):

Like we said, we are first and foremost glad Gleason survived this crazy event — and didn’t harm anyone else. This icy incident could have turned out a LOT worse.

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[Image via Indianapolis Fire Department/WRTV/Fox 59 News/YouTube]

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