Evan Rachel Wood Married Her Man, But She Remains Proudly Bisexual!

evan-rachel-wood-bisexuality-status-twitter-jamie-bell conversation not single

When Thirteen star Evan Rachel Wood eats at the seafood buffet, she knows there’s room enough on her plate for clams AND king crab legs!

One of the many traits we adore about the actress is the candidness with which she approaches her sexuality!

She’s a proud bisexual woman who recently married male actor Jamie Bell — congrats again, btw!

While the world is totes thrilled for the couple to continue their lives together, one of Evan’s Twitter fans asked if choosing a male life partner affected her orientation.

Rachel responded frankly and politely:

evan-rachel-wood-bisexuality-status-twitter-jamie-bell conversation not single

Well said, gurl!

Just because you picked an apple over an orange at the supermarket, doesn’t mean you don’t still enjoy all produce!

Sexual orientation is NOT a choice. It makes sense that falling in love with and marrying Jamie wouldn’t change Evan’s bisexuality.

We’re proud you’re so comfortable with who you are, Evan!!

Hopefully one day soon, all couples who love each other as much as you do will be allowed to wed!!

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Nov 2, 2012 4:51pm PST

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