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How Evan Rachel Wood Is Using Instagram To Help Her Case Against Marilyn Manson

Evan rachel wood instagram case marilyn manson

Evan Rachel Wood is using her Instagram account to strengthen her case against her ex, Marilyn Manson. As we reported, the Westworld star used the platform to publicly accuse the shock rocker of domestic abuse, alleging that he groomed, manipulated, and abused her over the course of their romance. In the days since, the actress has returned to IG to share more accusations against the performer (real name Brian Warner) and show how other potential alleged victims can file a police report against him. She wrote on Tuesday:

“If you wish to file a police report in connection to Brian Warner, here are instructions from the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department. I am also posting a quick run down of what to expect when you file a report, as well as any ramifications that may ensue from filing a false report.”

Aside from sharing personal and legal insight related to the case, Evan is also sharing relevant political information. On Monday night, the Frozen 2 actress posted a letter California State Senator Susan Rubio had sent to the FBI on January 21, asking that the FBI investigate Manson.

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Rubio and Wood worked together in 2019 to pass the Phoenix Act, a bill that extended the statute of limitations on domestic violence from three years to five years. The bill became a law in California in January 2020, and the starlet is actively working to get it passed in other states. When talking about the Phoenix Act last summer, ERW told Variety she got the idea “through my own experiences with the criminal justice system.” She said in previously unpublished remarks:

“I also knew that the person who had hurt me had hurt other people. And so it wasn’t just about me anymore. And I knew that I had a platform and a voice, and I needed to help.”

While the 33-year-old hasn’t gone into more detail about her allegations, she’s been using the power of the ‘Gram to share her truth. For example, she’s been re-contextualizing positive articles written about Manson in which he confessed to violent thoughts toward her as part of his shock rocker gimmick.

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In a recent Story of Evan’s, she made remarks about a 2009 Spin interview where the musician went into detail about wanting to violently kill her. The screenshot quotes Manson saying:

“The song ‘I Want to Kill You Like They Do in The Movies’ is about my fantasies. I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer.”

Although the article called Manson “wildly entertaining,” Wood gave her perspective in red, adding:

“Unless you are Evan Rachel Wood @spinmag.”

For his part, Manson has also used Instagram to deny Wood and the other accusers’ claims, calling them “horrible distortions of reality.” We’re sure Evan will continue to use her social media platforms as this case develops.

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