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Ezra Miller Housing Three Young Children & Their Mother At 'Unsafe' Vermont Farm Full Of Guns & Bullets: REPORT

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The disconcerting reports about Ezra Miller continue to pile up.

According to Rolling Stone, The Flash star (who uses they/them pronouns) has been hosting a 25-year-old mother and her three kids — aged one to five — at their Vermont farm, and those with knowledge of the situation have expressed concern that it’s an unsafe environment for the children.

Two sources, who both requested anonymity for fear of retribution, told the outlet that Miller’s is not a child-friendly place, as there are allegedly unattended guns scattered around the home on the 96-acre property. One source claimed one of the woman’s children, a 1-year-old baby, picked up a stray bullet and put it in her mouth.

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While it sounds like a scary situation, the mother claims Ezra actually saved her and the kids from an even scarier one. Apparently, Miller helped the mother escape from a “violent and abusive ex,” as she explained to RS:

“[Ezra] helped me finally… have a safe environment for my three very young children.”

The mother added that Ezra has guns for “self-defense purposes,” explaining:

“[Ezra’s] home ranch has been a healing haven for us. They may have firearms for self-defense purposes and they are stored in a part of the house that the children never go in… My kids are able to relax more into their healing because of the safety and nurturing Ezra has been providing for them.”

Clearly, the sources who came forward would beg to differ about the “safety” Ezra’s allegedly providing the brood — and they apparently have the receipts to prove it. Video footage from April reviewed by the publication appears to show at least eight assault weapons, rifles, and handguns lying around the living room, with some weapons even propped up next to a pile of stuffed animals.

Moreover, the two sources allege there’s been frequent and heavy marijuana use in front of the children, with little concern about ventilation. The outlet reported that there’s a large cannabis farm on Miller’s property, with Miller’s close friend and so-called “handyman” Whitney Suters claiming on social media that the two were running a cannabis company called Rebel Alliance Cannabis.

The family have reportedly been living at the actor’s Stamford, Vermont farm since mid-April. Miller met the woman in Hilo, Hawaii, which Miller had been visiting in March — and where they had gotten into a slew of legal troubles.

As the family continues to seek shelter on Miller’s property, the children’s father is doing all he can to get them back. He told the outlet that Miller secured a flight out of Hawaii for the woman and her children without his knowledge, and claimed he hasn’t been able to see or speak with his children since their departure:

“I got a bad feeling in my stomach. I do want to go get my kids, they mean the f**king world to me.”

According to Hawaii court records, the mother pursued one domestic abuse case and one paternity case against the father in May 2021. He denied all abuse allegations, and the domestic case was dropped when neither of the parents appeared in court.

The father filed a domestic case against the mother in April, related to her taking the children out of the state; that case is pending. After learning about the alleged weapons and drug use at Miller’s place in mid-May, he called Vermont’s Department for Children and Families (DCF) and local police to carry out wellness checks.

In text messages between the father and a number registered to a Vermont social worker, the worker said they had visited the house on May 16 and the kids “looked good,” noting the worker had “more work to do.” It’s not clear if the social worker returned to the home.

Thoughts on this one, Perezcious readers?

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