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FedEx Driver Kills Rattlesnake RIGHT After Homeowner's Daughter Walks By In Nailbiting Ring Footage! WATCH!

FedEx Driver Kills Rattlesnake MINUTES After Homeowner’s Daughter Walked By In Eerie Ring Footage! WATCH!

A Nebraska delivery driver was in for quite the slithering surprise while out and about on his route earlier this month!

FedEx delivery man Matt Govier became a household hero after taking care of a serpentine predator lurking outside a Dawson County mother’s front door — before it had the chance to bite anyone! According to ABC affiliate NTV, a venomous rattlesnake encroached on Christie Jones’ front porch just MINUTES after her 12-year-old daughter and dog had walked past. Ring footage captured the whole thing, which Christie described as “very scary.” She explained:

“My daughter had just walked out that same door 20 minutes before that.”

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The front door footage showed the snake slithering up the steps before coiling up in the corner. Just two minutes later, Govier came to drop off a package. It was just a normal delivery — until it wasn’t! He told the news station:

“I took [the package] up to the front door and I sat it down. And then I’m like, ‘Hmmm,’ and there he was.”

If he sounds non-plussssssed by the snake now, just get a load of how brave he was on the day!

The quick-thinking delivery driver knew a family lived at the residence, so instead of merely warning the homeowner — or leaving like we’re sure many would — he took matters into his own hands:

“I knew they had a garage there and I figured they probably had some tools that I could go grab.”

Ring footage then showed Matt returning to the porch with a shovel and a rake to take care of the snake! After he killed it, he even cleaned up all 36 inches of its remains! He explained:

“I had some garbage bags in the truck, and I was just like, ‘Yeah, I’ll throw him in there and I’ll decide what to do with him later.’”

He then texted Christie the following message:

“I hope you didn’t have a pet rattle snake at your front door because I killed him. Sorry about the blood.”

OMG, we hope she saw the text before the blood! Wow, this really would be an entirely different situation if it was their pet… LOLz! Do people keep pet rattlers?

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Christie later took to Facebook to post about the whole situation, writing:

“I nominate Matt Govier for Fed Ex employee of the year! Thank you Matt! Video of this Anaconda sized Rattler getting on my front step is in the first comment. Kyler had walked out this front door about 20 minutes prior to the arrival of said snake. Anyone who really knows me knows how incredibly fearful I am of any kind of snake….”

Call that delivering with care! Watch the whole incident go down (below):

What are YOUR thoughts on the debacle, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Christie Jones/Facebook & National Geographic/YouTube]

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