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Florida Teen Walks SIX MILES To Stab 15-Year-Old To Death -- And No One Knows Why!

Florida Teen Stabs 15-Year-Old To Death At Sleepover After Walking SIX MILES To Carry Out Attack At His House!

A teenager in Florida was arrested after allegedly stabbing a 15-year-old to death during a sleepover last weekend… Brace yourselves…

According to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, 16-year-old Alexander Warren Hernandez “arrived unannounced” to a sleepover hosted by Connor Michael Gill at his house in Wildwood, Florida, just after 10 p.m. on Saturday and “banged” on the door. When the victim went to unlock the door, Hernandez barged inside and allegedly stabbed him. A 48-year-old adult who was also at the house came to check on what was happening, and the suspect allegedly stabbed him as well.

Police were called to the scene. Upon arrival, cops found the two victims with stab wounds. The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office said they received emergency medical services before being airlifted to local hospitals for further treatment. Sadly, Connor didn’t make it. He was pronounced dead hours later at around 1:19 a.m. Meanwhile, the unidentified adult victim “is in stable condition” but in the ICU at this time, per Undersheriff Pat Breeden in a follow-up statement on Sunday.

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As for Hernandez (seen above in his mugshot), he fled the scene of the crime on foot. Police said they later located him using a helicopter, and he had the two alleged murder weapons on him. He was arrested and charged with premeditated first-degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, and armed burglary.

A motive for the stabbing attack has yet to be determined by law enforcement. Connor and Hernandez were students of the same school at one point but were both homeschooled at the time of the murder. Other than that, no connection has been established. However, what they do know is the murder “was no doubt a premeditated and targeted attack.” Why? Breeden explained Hernandez told authorities he ordered two weapons online last Thursday — days before the attack. When the teen received them on Saturday, he “unpacked the weapons, played with them for a little bit,” and then walked six miles to Connor’s home to stab him! So, as Breeden put it:

“One thing is for certain, this was a violent and premeditated attack.”

Wild… Watch Breeden’s update on the case (below):

There was a witness to the brutal stabbing who expressed similar sentiments as Breeden. A family friend named Michael Carr recalled to FOX 35 that Hernandez “had a mission in his eyes” the moment he stormed into the house:

“When he came up, he was kicking the beating on the door. Connor unlocked the door. He immediately swung at Connor. He had a mission. That’s all I can say. He had a mission in his eyes. It was cold. It wasn’t normal for a 16-year-old kid. He didn’t look right.”

After Hernandez stabbed Connor and the adult victim, Carr claimed he “turned around walked out the door and said ‘Everyone beware.’” So creepy!!! Following the tragic death of the 15-year-old, the family is not doing well. Who would be after a vicious attack like this?! Carr said:

“The whole family is in shambles right now. He was cool. He was kind of your typical 15-year-old. I mean, he liked to have good times and have fun, and he was fun to be around, and he liked video games. He had goals.”

An investigation into the murder is still ongoing. Anyone with information about the case is asked to reach out to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office at 352-793-2621 or contact Crimeline at 1-800-423-TIPS (8477) if you wish to remain anonymous. We send our condolences to the loved ones of Connor at this time. Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Sumter County Sheriff’s Office]

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