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Francesca Farago Calls Harry Jowsey ‘A Piece Of S**t’ After Sparking Reconciliation Rumors!

Francesca Farago Calls Harry Jowsey ‘A Piece Of S**t’ After Sparking Reconciliation Rumors!

It appears Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey might be (already) over again.

The Too Hot to Handle stars, who called it quits back in June 2020 after meeting on the hit Netflix series, recently sparked reconciliation rumors after being spotted in Cancun, Mexico, nearly a week ago. The 24-year-old reality star even shared a photo on Instagram of the pair snuggling up during their romantic getaway. Ch-ch-check it out (below):


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Francesca also posted a TikTok video in which she hinted at their reunion in Mexico, writing:

“Me coming to Mexico to wait for my visa for America to come in … My ex coming for his birthday.”

She also added in the clip’s caption:

“Some would say it was planned.”

Seems pretty legit, right? Well, it turns out there is more to the story…

While they were testing the waters again, the 27-year-old model set the record straight on the Domenick Nati Show and revealed she is still single. She even went as far as to call Harry “a piece of s**t” before adding:

“We were getting back together. We were getting to know each other slowly. And then, he was just being extremely disrespectful to me online.”


While Francesca didn’t dish about the specific details, she did comment on how he “was saying things that [she] would love to hear … and then his actions didn’t match.” The YouTuber then mentioned a moment where Harry “chose a friendship with someone over having my back and defending me.” The situation ultimately influenced her to “cut it off” with the Heartbreak Island alum, explaining:

“I’m 27 now and I can see through bulls**t really easily, and I wasn’t gonna put myself back in a situation where I was gonna be heartbroken again. I spent a week crying over it, but now I’m done. I’m ready [to] completely close that chapter of my life and move on, and not get hurt anymore.”

Who knows why the twosome actually decided to part ways, but it seems like Francesca could be referencing Harry potentially siding with friend Tana Mongeau in their recent social media drama. In case you missed it, the 22-year-old called out the Canadian for forcing Harry to delete a TikTok featuring the influencer and tried to get Tana to do the same. The YouTube star said in a video on her social media account:

“Fun fact, actually really really sad fact, Francesca made Harry delete the TikTok we made last night and tried to make me delete mine. I’m so sorry you’re so threatened by our friendship, sweetie.”

She continued:

“I think it might be time to text my ex back because this is all a little too hot to handle. And if you have such a problem with my existence, Francesca, my friendship with your ex, why don’t you text me? Because you seem to be able to write my name just fine in all of your TikTok comments.”

Again, Farago didn’t directly say it was about Tana. However, the timing is just a little too much of a coincidence, if you know what we mean! In the end, though, Francesca confirmed she is “the most single” she’s ever been and is open to finding a another partner in the future:

“I don’t want to be single. I like being in a relationship, and I feel like I’m at that stage in my life where I want a relationship. And I want to settle down soon, so it’s hard to find someone to date.”

It’s safe to say we might be able to put a definitive pin in this relationship! Are you surprised Francesca and Harry didn’t work out again? Do you think there will be any hope for another reunion in the future? Let us know in the comments (below).

[Image via Francesca Farago/Instagram & Harry Jowsey/Instagram]

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