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Gabby Petito's Grandmother Shares The Sweet Note Written By 6-Year-Old Cousin For 'Beautiful Memorial'

gabby petito : her family's heartbreaking reaction to discovery of body

As the Brian Laundrie search has come to a close, Gabby Petito’s loved ones are finding closure where they can.

As we’ve been reporting, her body was found in September a few weeks after she had gone missing. Shortly before her remains were discovered in Wyoming, her fiancé Brian also went missing under suspicion that he had been involved in her death. However, last week authorities confirmed that they had found Brian’s body at the Carlton Reserve in Florida.

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The case came to an uncertain close, with many unanswered questions left for Gabby’s loved ones. Now, it seems her family is making the best of a truly terrible situation as they continue to honor her memory. On Monday, the 22-year-old’s grandmother Mary Wickman shared photos from a memorial held Sunday night to Twitter, writing:

“Family and friends lit up the sky for Gabby in a beautiful memorial last night. Her 6 year old cousin, Connor, sent her a beautiful message. Love you forever!”

The tweet included a photo of lanterns being released into the sky, as well as the heartbreaking note (which, based on the photo, appeared to have been written out by an adult) from her young cousin. It read:

“Dear Gabby, Thank you for watching over us. Thanks for being the cousin I hoped for. We are sorry you aren’t here with us, we love you + miss you! Love Connor”

So sweet, and so sad.

Even as they commemorate Gabby’s passing, the family is still bereft of the justice they deserve for her untimely death. In the tweet preceding the memorial, her grandmother lamented:

“Where is the justice for Gabby? My sweet beautiful granddaughter is gone. Her life ended tragically by someone. Who speaks for her?

Following confirmation of Brian’s death — and perhaps closing the door on their last chance for answers — Gabby’s family’s lawyer released a statement:

“They are grieving the loss of their beautiful daughter. Gabby’s family will make a statement at the appropriate time and when they are emotionally ready.”

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A source close to the family told

“You don’t know — did they get in a fight, did he kill her? There’s no answer. … She’s gone now. He’s gone. Who’s really got closure? You don’t get closure because you don’t know what happened.”

We can’t imagine how difficult it’s been for Gabby’s family over the last few months, and undoubtedly it will take time to come to terms with all that has happened. We wish them whatever peace can be found in such a heartbreaking and uncertain situation.

[Image via Joe Petito/Instagram]

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