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Gerard Piqué Speaks Out After Shakira Cheating Scandal, Says He's Always 'Faithful'... TO HIMSELF!!!

Gerard Piqué Plans To 'Keep Doing What I Want' Amid Cheating Scandal!

Old habits die hard!

Gerard Piqué decided to get WAY candid about his cheating scandal and split from Shakira in a new interview with El Pais on Sunday. You’d think he might want to express some regrets after ending things with the Waka Waka singer. After all, the whole world seems to be on his famous ex’s side after his alleged affair with 24-year-old Clara Chia Marti (who he has now gone public with). But NOPE!

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Describing himself as “very happy,” the former soccer star revealed his current MO, saying via a translation:

“I keep doing what I want. The day I die, I will look back and hope I have always done what I wanted. I want to be faithful to myself.”

Faithful. To. Myself. Wow. That may be the most narcissistic thing we’ve ever heard anyone say. We just need to go back and watch 100,000 hours of reality TV real quick, and… done. Yep. Most narcissistic.

The 36-year-old then insisted he’s busy moving on with his life and will NOT be doing damage control despite his reputation taking a beating after Shakira called him out in several interviews and diss tracks. He explained:

“I’m not going to spend money cleaning up my image.”

Probably wouldn’t even be worth it at this point. We mean, what can money do for that particular problem??

Not that he’d be interested if there was something he could do. The only thing the athlete cares about right now is making sure his sons Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, are okay during this transitional time in their lives. He stated:

“It is about protecting them. That is the job of all parents with children. That is what I am focused on and that is my job as a father.”

Good to know the kids are a priority! This also isn’t the first time he’s acknowledged how challenging this has been for his little ones. Earlier this month, he told El món a Rac1 “the only thing that matters is that my children are fine.” Well… that clearly isn’t the only thing that matters to him — as cheating on their mom really hurts them in the long term. But hey, as long as he did what he wanted and was faithful to himself.

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Yes, when speaking with El Pais, it sure sounded like he has his own happiness on the forefront of his mind! Gerard ended his comments on the scandal by sharing:

“The people that I love and care about are the ones who know me. The rest isn’t important to me. I spend my energy on being with my loved ones and giving them what I have. I’m very happy. There have been changes in my life and I have known how to preserve happiness.”

We hope he’s really this happy in his new relationship because he gave up a TON just to be with this girl! Of course when he’s bored with her, we already know he’ll be faithful… to himself and what he wants. Ick.

Thoughts?! Do you find Gerard’s comments insensitive? Is it better that he’s this honest? Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via The Tonight Show/The Overlap/YouTube]

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