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Ginnifer Goodwin Offered Up Her Husband Josh Dallas’ ‘Sperm’ To A Friend Who Wanted To Be A Mom!

Ginnifer Goodwin Offered Up Josh Dallas’ ‘Sperm’ To A Friend Who Wanted To Be A Mom!

Ginnifer Goodwin tried to go above and beyond for a friend!

During an appearance on the Pop Culture Spotlight with Jessica Shaw podcast on Friday, the 43-year-old actress confessed that she once offered up her husband Josh Dallas‘ “sperm” to her best friend, who was ready for a baby and wanted to become a single parent. While Ginnifer was totally down for the idea (clearly), the other two were not exactly on board with it. She casually spilled on the show:

“By the way, I offered his sperm to one of my best friends who was gonna be a single mom. And my husband and the best friend were the ones who were like, ‘This could lead to complications.’ And I was like, ‘I just feel like you need to procreate.’”

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The couple, who got hitched in 2014 after first meeting while portraying Snow White and Prince Charming on the drama Once Upon a Time, already have two children: 7-year-old son Oliver and 5-year-old son Hugo. However, that did not stop the Zootopia star from trying to help out her bestie:

“At a point, I was like, ‘No, but seriously, we could arrange this. And then there would be more little Josh’s in the world.’ And like, I love that picture of [what] people needing Josh’s would be.”

Despite being touched by the offer, Ginnifer said that the logistics ended up creating some concerns for Dallas and her friend at the end of the day:

“The best friend and the husband were like, ‘Wow, that’s really sweet Ginny. Like what happens?’ And then they explained like all the logistics and I was like, ‘Look, there’s turkey basters.’ It’s not like you’re not gonna be in the kid’s life. Like you’re in my best friend’s life.”

Hey, at least she tried!

It seemed like the Pivoting actress really wanted her pal to experience the joy of motherhood in any way possible – even if it meant donating her hubby’s sperm! In the past, Ginnifer has gushed to E! News about how becoming a momma was “so much better” than she ever could have imagined, expressing:

“It makes me feel like acting is not at all creative but being a parent, anybody who’s a parent I want to like give an Oscar to.”

She also praised Josh for being not only a fantastic partner but parent at the time, saying:

“He makes me laugh so much, and even if we squabble he makes me laugh, so I can’t even stay angry – which is kind of its own level of frustrating. I want to be mad!”

LOLz! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Would you ever do this for a friend? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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