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Groom Reveals Last Words From Wife Before She Was Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver On Their Wedding Night

Groom Reveals Last Words New Bride Said To Him Before Dying In Awful Crash Cause By DUI Driver

The newlywed husband who lost his bride in that awful South Carolina crash late last month is speaking out.

We’ve been covering the tragic story of Aric Hutchinson and his now-deceased newlywed wife Samantha Hutchinson. The duo got married on April 28 in Folly Beach, South Carolina. But on the night of their wedding, at the very end of their reception with family and friends, a golf cart they were riding in was struck by a drunk driver on a street in the oceanside city.

Samantha, who was just 34 years old, was killed in the awful crash. Aric and two other wedding guests riding in the golf cart were severely injured. Cops arrested a 25-year-old woman identified as Jamie Lee Komoroski (pictured above, inset, in her mugshot) at the scene. They later revealed her blood-alcohol level was .261 after arrest — more than three times above the state’s legal limit.

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Now, Aric is speaking out about that awful night. On Friday, the mourning husband sat for an interview with Good Morning America. Thinking back to what happened on that terrible night last month, Aric revealed he can’t remember the actual crash itself, or any of the immediate aftermath.

But what he does remember is the last thing Samantha ever told him before she was killed in the accident. He told the news outlet what he recalls:

“The last thing I remember her saying is she wanted the night to never end. That’s the last thing she said to me.”

Just heartbreaking.

As Samantha died in the crash, Aric was severely injured. He broke both legs, multiple bones in his face, several bones in his back, and suffered internal injuries. When he woke up in the hospital afterwards, he remembered those terrible first moments:

“I remember waking up just kind of foggy, out of sorts and I could see my mom’s face. You could tell that something was wrong. And I asked her, ‘where’s Sam, where’s Sam?’ And that’s when she told me about the incident and that Sam didn’t make it.”


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As you’d no doubt expect, the groom is struggling to grapple with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows from his now-fateful wedding night:

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, that night going on an all-time high to an all-time low. It’s pretty rough to comprehend. … We had family, friends, from all over the country, everywhere there. And everyone was just so happy. She was so happy. It was [one of the best nights].”

He also lovingly remembered his late wife, too. Recalling the memory of her personality and presence here three weeks after her death, he told GMA:

“Sam just had that glow. She’s the type that walked in the room and you noticed. … It’s nice to be here and have good memories. I know she’s up there watching.”

You can see more from Hutchinson’s heartbreaking Friday morning interview with the news outlet (below):

What a terrible, terrible situation. We continue to send our love to Hutchinson’s family, friends, and loved ones.

There are no more words that could possibly offer any kind of condolences after something like this.

[Image via GMA/YouTube/Charleston County Sheriff’s Office]

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