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Gwyneth Paltrow Credits Herself For Making Yoga Popular! LOLz!

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Gwyneth Paltrow has introduced Western civilization to many wonderful things: vaginal steaming, goat-milk cleanses, the term “conscious uncoupling,” to name a few. 
Now, she wants credit for making yoga happen, too.
In an interview with WSJ Magazine for its December/January issue, the Goop master implied that the ancient Hindu practice wasn’t popular in the states until she started advertising its spiritual and physical benefits, explaining:

“Forgive me if this comes out wrong. but I went to do a yoga class in L.A. recently and the 22-year-old girl behind the counter was like, ‘Have you ever done yoga before?’ And literally I turned to my friend, and I was like, ‘You have this job because I’ve done yoga before.'”

So, bow the f**k down, millennial yogis.
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While the practice has been around in America since the late 1800s, Gwynny claims people were unsettled by the sight of her doing yoga when she first started it years ago. Some even accused her of being a “witch”! She recalled:

“I remember when I started doing yoga and people were like, ‘What is yoga? She’s a witch. She’s a freak.'”

These days, it’s safe for yogis to stretch and pose in public — thanks to the Avengers: Infinity War actress and her website, apparently.
The 46-year-old said her interest in wellness bloomed after her late father was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998, admitting:

“That was the beginning of people thinking I was a crackpot. Like, ‘What do you mean food can affect your health, you f**king psycho?'”

Now, Paltrow is happy to see that the public has warmed up to her holistic mindset, adding that it’s “beautiful to see people feeling empowered by natural solutions or ancient modalities alongside science and medicine.”
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It’s beautiful because, believe it or not, there was even a point in time where the Oscar winner wasn’t a health nut. She remembered:

“I used to be in my trailer, smoking a cigarette and waiting for Ethan Hawke to open the door. Now look at me.”

[Image via Phil Lewis/WENN.]

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