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Jennifer Lopez Wants It To Work With Ben Affleck Because She Doesn’t Want To 'End Up Like Madonna'?! OUCH!

Jennifer Lopez Wants It To Work With Ben Affleck – Because She Doesn’t Want To ‘End Up Like Madonna’?! OUCH!

Jennifer Lopez is doing everything she can to save her marriage to Ben Affleck — but is it out of love? Or so she doesn’t end up divorced and alone… like another popular artist!

While there’s been a lot of talk about J.Lo canceling her summer tour because of low ticket sales, an insider told on Friday that the ticket issue wasn’t actually the problem. While it’s no secret that the tour wasn’t exactly a sellout sensation, sources told the outlet that the concerts were gaining traction. Ultimately, insiders say, 78 percent of tickets had been purchased, which is considered “relatively healthy.” A source explained:

“If [she] had done this early on, then it would have been about ticket sales because they did start slow, but it was not.”

So, why cancel it then?? Multiple sources insisted the Let’s Get Loud crooner made this decision to save her relationship — though it’s unclear if it’ll work.

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Discussing marriage problems, the insiders blamed all the trouble on Ben. One associate described the Air star as a complicated man who is “impossible” and “very difficult to live with.” Perhaps why they’re no longer living together! The insiders also cited his history of womanizing as a reason why he’s such a challenge. Oof.

Also, they pointed out that Ben has been doing very little to show support to his wife lately — including not visiting her in NYC while she was filming Kiss of The Spider Woman last month. Especially when that was a project that he encouraged her to sign up for and for which he is a producer. Weird!

In his place, Jenny from the Block has been spending a lot of time with her close friend and manager Benny Medina, a friend noted:

“When you marry Jennifer, you also marry Benny Medina.”

Ben supposedly doesn’t like Jen’s team. Could Benny be part of the problem? Hmm…

FWIW, the manager was with her in the Big Apple when she prepared for The Met Gala alone, where the actress was one of the co-chairs. That was yet another big moment for her — and yet her husband was nowhere to be found! A friend described the mother of two’s mood as “somber.” They even agreed that she’s been working hard to solve her issues with Affleck, explaining:

“She has been taking the blame for the end of the tour and the marriage, and the mockery of the world. It is all the opposite of the truth.”

Hitting back at how the Shotgun Wedding star has been “dragged” for this controversy, the pal continued:

“Her Achilles heel has always been men. She is the most disciplined, the most hard-working, wonderful person and she really gets her own way in everything at all times — except for where it comes to romance.”

But she’s unwilling to let this marriage end without a fight. Mostly because she doesn’t want to end up like another icon!! The friend shared:

“She wants this marriage to work so much that she is willing to make any sacrifice including giving up being J-Lo. She doesn’t want to be divorced. She doesn’t want to end up like Madonna — on her own at 60. She can’t bear the idea of failure.”


Considering this would be J.Lo’s FOURTH divorce, we get why she’s worried about a future alone! You can only take so much heartbreak, you know? Another legal split would seem like a bad sign! But there’s nothing good about staying in an unhappy marriage just for appearances, either. Right now, though, it sounds like the dancer is willing to do whatever to keep Ben satisfied. The friend dished:

“I think you can already see her toning down the way she looks and obviously quitting this tour as well, to try to hang on to the marriage. She lets him smoke, which is huge — she hates smoking and to be around that as a singer is a straight no, but he never gave up when they were dating and married. She won’t give up this relationship. She’s going out there looking as normal as she can. It’s sad to see her dimming her shine to try to keep him.”

Oh, no! Don’t let him steal your shine, girl!!

For the record, Ben’s exes have said some very similar stuff in the past! His ex-wife Jennifer Garner once mused:

“I always say, ‘When his sun shines on you, you feel it.’ But when the sun is shining elsewhere, it’s cold. He can cast quite a shadow.”

And now that’s happening to the other Jennifer? Not great!

As we all know, many reports have claimed a big issue in the marriage is their incompatibility when it comes to fame. Jennifer wants to show off her personal life in movies and music, and Ben would prefer to keep everything behind closed doors. It’s for this reason that this insider doesn’t think J.Lo stands a chance. They added:

“Ben Affleck is not an easy person. He has a lot of demons and in my view his ego will never be able to deal with being married to someone with her level of stardom. I think he will end up with some nice young model who nobody has heard of.”

Remember when the Good Will Hunting alum’s ex Gwyneth Paltrow joked that his ideal woman would be a stripper serving him beers in a bikini? Maybe she wasn’t so wrong…

What makes this so sad, too, is that the Marry Me lead is head over heels for her hubby! The source shared:

“It is sad as she has put all her eggs in this basket — the marriage. The film was a case in point. It’s a bit heartbreaking to see. She thinks everything of him. She even thinks he should go into politics and could be the President. Seriously, that’s how crazy she is about him. What a First Lady she would make!”

But enough with the jokes. The friend shockingly declared:

“But actually, we all think that it’s over and that will be official before the end of the summer.”

Yikes. That’s so soon. Maybe they really are already in the process of divorcing?? Sad!! Thoughts on all this stuff? How about the Madonna shade?! Madge is over here catching INSANE strays!! Sound OFF (below)!

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