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Whoa! Haunting In Connecticut Star Says Film Itself Was ACTUALLY HAUNTED!

Haunting In Connecticut Movie Haunted Kyle Gallner Interview

A movie about haunting getting haunted? We’d call this ironic, but… we figure ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING probably covers it better!

If you haven’t seen The Haunting In Connecticut, you should — among the bumper crop of “based on a true story” ghost/possession movies from the past couple decades, it’s definitely one of the stronger entries.

Part of that success is due to the acting ability of star Kyle Gallner, who is great at being scared. And he should be — he’s appeared in more than his share of horror movies and TV shows, including Jennifer’s Body, Red State, The Walking Dead, and the Nightmare On Elm Street remake. So he’s no stranger to scary flicks, just jumping at the slightest thing.

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And yet this horror vet swears in a new interview that during the filming of Haunting, he experienced what he calls some “weird stuff.” You know, the type of things that would have us RUNNING FOR THE FREAKIN’ HILLS! He told TooFab:

“I will say this, I had weird stuff happen to me when I was filming Haunting in Connecticut. I didn’t have anything happen here, and when I say I’m not superstitious, it doesn’t mean I’m not a believer. I believe there are things, but I also believe some of those things you welcome in, or you kind of leave yourself open to some stuff. For some reason, this one [his latest horror film, The Cleansing Hour] didn’t really trigger me in any weird way or worry me in any way, but in The Haunting in Connecticut I had a lot of weird things happen.”

Things like what?

“We were staying at this super haunted hotel in Winnipeg. It was a hotel that was originally built for all the workers who are building the railroad. It’s the classic like, ‘Somebody killed themselves on floor 13.’ Like it’s one of those hotels, and I had all these weird things happen. I would hear stuff all the time. If I got in the shower, it would sound like all of my doors are slamming or when I was laying in bed, it felt like somebody punched underneath the bed.”

Nope! Nope nope nope. As soon as someone was coming at us from under the bed, we would be out. Quit the movie, leave Hollywood, fire our agent, out! LOLz! But it got worse for Kyle…

“One night it got super cold and I swear to god it felt like somebody lifted the sheets up and slid into bed with me. I jumped completely out of bed, and then the other really weird one … I got a phone call and I picked it up and said, ‘Hello,’ and then I looked at my phone and there was nobody on the phone. And then from somewhere just in the room, I heard somebody go, ‘Hello.'”

Eeeeeeeek! WTF?!

Holy crap, they should make a movie based on that true story!

Thankfully, Kyle claims, he was able to calm everything down when he needed to:

“And I got to the point where it was so often, if I had a really long night, or really long shoot day, I would walk in and start talking to the room. I’d be like, ‘Please, not tonight.’ And nothing would happen. They were polite ghosts. They just wanted me to know they were there.”

Yeah, in the movie that’s when they need to get REALLY bad! LOLz! Until they make it, you can check out The Cleansing Hour on Shudder.

What’s the scariest real life ghost encounter YOU’VE ever had??

[Image via Lionsgate/YouTube.]

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