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Hayden Panettiere Is 'Upbeat' & Having A 'Good Time' After A Rough Few Months!

hayden panettiere doing good

Hayden Panettiere is doing her best to make the most of life as she enters her 30th birthday!

She has had a rough few months, with drama stemming from her on-again off-again boyfriend Brian Hickerson, who’s facing felony charges stemming from an alleged domestic violence dispute involving the Heroes alum and Brian back in May.

Additionally, the Nashville actress’ four-year-old daughter Kaya is still living in Ukraine with her father, Wladimir Klitschko, following the pair’s split last August.

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Bad-boys and international custody aside, she’s trying to stay positive, a source shared with People:

“Hayden is upbeat, and looking forward to a great year.”

The insider continued, sharing:

“Hayden is in the midst of making decisions about what she wants to do next and needs a break from routine. She’s a young, beautiful girl who is allowed to have a good time. That’s what she’s doing.”

A second source continued, explaining she’s not looking to get into another relationship given everything going on right now:

“She’s a mom and when there’s a break she would be crazy not to let loose and have fun. Don’t expect another heavy relationship now. She still cares for Wlad and loves her daughter.”

Just because she’s not looking for anyone else doesn’t mean she’s over Hickerson just yet, the insider elaborated:

“She has to get over this guy. Her friends and family have been worried about her for quite a while, and things seem to have gotten worse. She needs to do some soul-searching… It’s a sad situation.”

More than anything else, it’s the custody arrangement which has really been weighing on her, and she’s going to continue making positive strides to get back the relationship with her daughter she once had:

“It has been tough on Hayden, but she has to continue making changes in her life, as well as focus on better decisions about what she wants to do personally and professionally going forward. Their daughter seems better with her dad and his family now. But Hayden has not abandoned Kaya. She loves her very much.”

Last we heard, one insider had reported the Nashville star was feeling as if her life was “in flux” without her daughter, while a second source reported she has gone through changes since giving birth, and while “some were not perfect, others have helped her grow.”

Wishing Hayden all the best, seems like she’s doing much better as of lately!!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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