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Nicole’s Baby in Danger!
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Nicole’s Baby in Danger!
She’s just 25 years old, but Nicole Richie has done more than her share of hard living. And now, say medical experts, she may have to pay the price.
Nicole has been using heroin and pills. She’s abused alcohol and cocaine and battled devastating anorexia. She has also been arrested for DUI and drugs and has done three stints in rehab, while becoming famous as Paris Hilton’s wild party pal.
But the 12-weeks-pregnant The Simple Life star is facing her biggest challenge yet — motherhood.
Although she’s frightened and desperate to stay clean, sources say sobriety remains a daily struggle, and experts agree that beating her demons will likely be a long and arduous process.
Doctors say Nicole’s pregnancy is unusually high-risk. If she did have drugs in her system when she got pregnant, she could be at risk for a miscarriage or birth defects.
Nicole’s weight is another serious ongoing problem. Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., a clinical professor at Yale University (who has not treated Nicole), is surprised that the scary-skinny star could conceive at all. “That baby is at extraordinary risk,” says Dr. Minkin. “Nicole needs to gain at least 40 pounds to nourish the baby properly.”

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Jul 12, 2007 12:44pm PDT