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Heather Locklear 'Can’t Stay Away From' Tequila After Years Of Sobriety, Causing 'Worried' Family To Feel 'Helpless'

Heather Locklear ‘Can’t Stay Away From’ Tequila & Taking Ozempic After Acting Erratically

We’re sorry to hear reports are saying Heather Locklear has fallen off the wagon.

After years of sobriety and 20 stints in rehab, the Melrose Place alum is said to be once again struggling with her addiction. Sources for opened up about the sad situation on Wednesday after the outlet previously shared photos of the actress acting erratically in Malibu last week.

In the photos and videos captured of the concerning sighting, Heather was seen with messy hair and wearing sweatpants at around 1 p.m. last Thursday. She was dropped off for an appointment by a man believed to be her fiancé, Chris Heisser, before emerging from the undisclosed meeting 60 minutes later. She then walked along the edge of the building, found a place on top of a staircase, and sat for about an hour reading through a journal and talking to herself. Eventually, she made her way to Chris, who was patiently waiting in the car the whole time.

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You can see the footage HERE or (below):

Now, the family is left reeling amid reports Heather is drinking again, causing them to feel “helpless.” An insider told the outlet:

“Heather is drinking. The family is very worried. Everyone feels helpless. Richie [Sambora, her ex-husband], her family, especially her daughter Ava who loves her so much.”

Aside from boozing, Heather is also taking the popular diabetes medication Ozempic, which has grown popular for weight loss. The insider dished:

“Tequila has always been her drink. She can’t stay away from it. She’s also on Ozempic and obsesses over her weight. She’s lost 40lbs.”

The 61-year-old has had a well-documented history of mental health issues. In 2006, she got a DUI after breaking up with her ex-husband. She was then arrested in February 2018 for domestic violence and battery against a police officer who reported to an incident at her Thousand Oaks, California home. In June of the same year, she was arrested again for allegedly verbally and physically abusing an ambulance EMT who responded to a call for help at her home. In November ’18, the Uptown Girls alum was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold after her therapist believed she was experiencing a mental breakdown.

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In August 2019, she pleaded no contest to eight misdemeanor counts involving these incidents. She was ordered to complete a 30-day stay in a mental health facility, which resulted in a 120-day jail sentence getting suspended. So, it was a massive ordeal, but perhaps one that could have resulted in more severe punishments, one source thinks. The confidant expressed:

“Heather got off so easy with no probation or accountability after beating up cops and then threatening EMT ambulance drivers. The no accountability has allowed her to continue to hide out on top of her mountain estate and drink her tequila body into a much larger unhappier figure.”

Oof. The source also believes Heather’s behavior has been “unfair” to her partner, since “he is battling alcohol too.” Hmm.. makes us wonder if the source is more connected to him… The insider continued:

“[Chris] has to drive her for mandatory errands and try to sustain his career while lying to family and friends consistently hiding her alcohol and drug problems. […] [The couple] told friends she has been drinking again months ago and would return to rehab to no avail.”

As you can imagine, it has been very tough for Heather’s 25-year-old daughter to watch her struggle with her addiction, and this is not the first time she’s had a front-row seat to her struggles. Ava’s support is said to have been a big help in Heather’s sobriety journey in 2019, so hopefully she can be a positive influence again.

Addiction can be such a tough thing to battle. We sincerely hope Heather gets the help she needs to get back on the right track ASAP.

If you or someone you know is experiencing substance abuse, help is available. Consider checking out the resources SAMHSA provides at or check out

[Image via Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube]

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