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Jennifer Lopez SLAMMED By Fans For 'Money Grab' Alcohol Brand -- Despite Bennifer Not Drinking!

Jennifer Lopez SLAMMED By Fans For New 'Money Grab' Alcohol Brand Despite Not Drinking! Yikes!

Jennifer Lopez is taking a lot of heat from her fans and followers right now. TBH, it’s probably a little more than she expected when she did what a lot of other celebs do — launching an alcohol brand!

The Let’s Get Loud singer is taking a page from the book of other stars like Kendall JennerThe Rock, and one-time co-star George Clooney, jumping headfirst into the boozy beverage space. Earlier this week, J.Lo revealed she is releasing a new line of spritzes called Delola. And yet her fans are NOT impressed!

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Ben Affleck‘s wife popped up on Instagram late Tuesday with a big announcement about the brand launch. In a sleek-looking promo video for the company, the 53-year-old star explained “Lola” is a longtime nickname of hers that loved ones use to address her “more playful, carefree side.”

So, she turned that vibe into an equally playful and carefree spritz drink:

“I have been grinding non-stop for decades, and more and more I’m realizing the importance of enjoying life. I just wanted to create something better. Something better tasting, better ingredients, and something I would want to drink with my friends and family. And that is Delola.”

She went on to add that Delola was birthed after she became inspired by the “effortlessly elegant lifestyle” of one of the most gorgeous areas in the world:

“All of this came about when I fell in love with the effortlessly elegant lifestyle and the hospitality of the Italian coast. I just love it. There is something about it that just speaks to me, and our Delola spritzes are inspired by this.”

Something about being waited on hand and foot in a gorgeous place like that “just speaks” to all of us, girl. Just saying!!

Anyways, you can watch the promo push for yourself (below):

OK then! Another celeb with an alcohol brand. What’s the controversy then??

Well, as thousands of fans were quick to note down in the comments section, J.Lo doesn’t drink!!! So it’s kind of strange to release a new product when everybody already knows you would never use it yourself. Right??

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Plus, her loving husband has had a long history struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction. Ben fortunately seems to be in an amazing place now. But to have the songstress release a booze brand in light of that past context is, uh, a strange decision?!

As you can see (below), fans mercilessly ripped into the Waiting For Tonight singer for her “money grab” move into the adult beverage space:

“You don’t drink. This is like something that is known and has been pointed out on numerous occasions. I mean….I get it — a coin is a coin — but mama you don’t drink alcohol.”

“I thought you didn’t drink???”

“This is so out of alignment for the brand. 1) jlo doesn’t even drink?? And 2) Ben is a recovering alcoholic. WTF”

“J.Lo was an inspiration for me to stay away from alcohol, tho she is not sober, she talked about how she rarely drinks and if she does it’s a celebratory sip, so it’s a bummer she is promoting alcohol when there are so many great NA [non-alcoholic] drinks!”

“She doesn’t even drink but get that bag girl”

“Ah capitalism strikes again”

“But you literally don’t drink? This is such a money grab ugh.”

” I’m so disappointed and confused by the narrative that she puts out about how she doesn’t drink alcohol and all the benefits from not drinking. And her partner is sober?”

“it just seems fake AF to be promoting alcohol under the guise of ‘living a little’ when she talks about how bad alcohol is for her skin and is not part of her lifestyle (not to mention Ben’s past issues). But hey, we’ll all flip for a dollar right?”

“Oh wow. This is disappointing. Why not create a NA brand considering you’ve been outspoken about the negative effects of alcohol and that you yourself don’t drink? This feels so off-brand for you, genuinely curious why you’re selling alcohol.”


To be honest, there are some good points being made with those remarks. This product doesn’t quite seem like it’s perfectly in line with the Wedding Planner star’s meticulously built brand. Ya know??

What do U think, tho, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your take on J.Lo’s jump into the alcohol industry down in the comments (below)…

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Jennifer Lopez/Instagram]

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