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HUH??? Hilary Duff Says She Got An Eye Infection From Taking Too Many Coronavirus Tests

Hilary Duff eye infection from COVID tests

This is a weird one, y’all.

Hilary Duff just revealed she found herself in the ER after suffering an eye infection over the holidays. The announcement came with a series of family pics showing off her Christmas fun in Boston (since the actress took a social media break during the holidays). The Instagram Story photo dump included her husband Matthew Koma dressed as “skinny” Santa Claus meeting the kids AND having a little fun with his wife, too.

But the posts took a serious turn as she shared a snap (above) of her health scare and wrote:

“Then my eye started to look weird…..and hurt….a lot. Sooo….took a little trip to the emergency room. I got an eye infection from all the COVID tests at work….cuz you know, 2020 and all.”

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We know what you’re thinking — that’s odd! Cause it is. The CDC has not linked eye infections with COVID-19 tests so we’re unsure how her docs came to this diagnosis. The good news? She got the right treatment and is feeling MUCH better, as the Younger lead added:

“PS…. My eye is fine, needed antibiotics.”

Unfortunately for the pregnant momma, this isn’t the first health scare she’s suffered throughout 2020. After being exposed to the novel virus in November while working, the actress had to quarantine away from her family to ensure everyone’s safety. As you can imagine, the separation from her two kids, Luca and Banks, was super difficult, but her son found creative ways to communicate from afar. The Lizzie McGuire icon explained:

“Matt taught Luca the code for I love you. We’ve been doing it all day long. It’s so sad.”

The 33-year-old also joked that because her fam was treating her so well, it made her want to break quarantine early to see them sooner, expressing:

“My sweet family was leaving so many sweet treats outside my door. I finally threatened to run upstairs…break quarantine and breathe all over them so they have to have me back.”

But alas, she bided her time until it was safe. And luckily, she never got coronavirus and was able to snuggle up with her kids just days later!

Ch-ch-check out some of her sweet memories from the holidays!

Hilary Duff & Her Family On Christmas Day
(c) Hilary Duff/Instagram


Hilary Duff's Santa cops a feel
Naughty Santa! / (c) Hilary Duff/Instagram


Hilary Duff, Santa & Niece Meet Santa
Hilary’s niece Fallon meeting Santa! Awwww! / (c) Hilary Duff/Instagram


Hilary Duff, Matthew Koma Over Christmas
And then the classic meltdown ensues! LOLz! / (c) Hilary Duff

Here’s to hoping Hilary has fewer health issues in 2021!

[Image via Hilary Duff/Instagram]

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