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'House Of Horrors' Victims Reveal EXTREME Abuses Never Before Heard

new extreme abuse details house of horrors turpin children

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

The Turpin siblings have been through hell and back and all over again — and new details are emerging that are giving new meaning to the name “house of horrors”…

In case you need a refresher for the 2018 case, the Turpin children were rescued from their abusive parents, David and Louise Turpin, when daughter Jordan (pictured above) escaped from the house and managed to dial 911. The world reeled at the descriptions of the home — but also thought the kids’ troubles were over. Unfortunately, however, they were just beginning, as five of the siblings were then placed in foster care with Marcelino and Rosa Olguin and their daughter Lennys — Marcelino being an alleged pedophile who it’s claimed went on to molest two of them. Absolutely horrific.

Since then, multiple stories have been told of the terror they faced — and luckily arrests have been made to further these poor children’s case toward justice — but new extreme abuses are coming to light, and our hearts are still aching for them…

Be warned. The details of what these kids went through are disturbing. Continue at your own discretion.

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These recounts are coming up after three of the siblings sued Riverside County Children’s Services Division and ChildNet in July for placing them in the Olguins’ care. Legal documents obtained by on Tuesday allege ChildNet and RCCSD knew about the disturbing behavior and sent the children to live with them anyway — on top of that, they allegedly ignored complaints from other foster children AND one of the Turpin girls before all of this happened. Disgusting.

During three of the girls’ stay at the home which spanned over a period of three years, they say they suffered sexual abuse. Marcelino allegedly fondled them on the legs, breasts, and buttocks as well as “kissed them on the mouth” and “made sexually suggestive comments”. He was said to have slapped them in the face with sandals, pulled their hair, made them sit outside for hours at a time as punishment, sit in circles and recount their abuse from their parents, and made them eat their own vomit. Just abhorrent!

The family allegedly verbally abused them as well, telling them they’re worthless and should die by suicide, threatening to put their hands in electrical outlets, and threatening to return them to their parents. The three Olguins were even said to have not let the younger siblings get in contact with their adult siblings, either.

So, so heartbreaking and just downright gross. How could anyone subject another human being to such torture? It’s despicable.

This new, hard to swallow information has surfaced ahead of the Olguins family facing criminal child abuse charges with hearings that start at the beginning of next year. We truly hope to see the Turpin siblings get the justice they deserve.

If you have sincere cause to suspect child abuse, call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child or 1-800-422-4453, or go to www.childhelp.orgIf you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence and would like to learn more about resources, consider checking out

[Image via YouTube/ABC News/ABC 10]

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