How I Met Your Mother Says Goodbye With The Finale THAT TOTALLY WENT THERE! Get The Sad Yet Sweet GIF Recap HERE!

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It’s the end of an era for the MacLaren’s crew, and we have so many feelings about it!

The series finale of How I Met Your Mother aired last night to mixed reviews by diehards of the lovable and silly sitcom—because so many people were so attached to Marshall, Lily, Ted, Robin and Barney for nine seasons!

Twitter erupted into a frenzy after the east coast showing, with seriously pissed off fans and some peeps that actually liked the ending!

If you have yet to see the hour-long special, we’ve supplied you with a unique GIF recap of the eps events—and even threw in what fans might’ve been thinking during the scenes…

It was legend – wait for it – dary, in it’s own way!

1. We start with the meeting of Ted and his future ’90s cliche bass player of a wife:

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Fans were probably thinking: IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME, MOSBY!

2. Ted decides that he’s going through with the move to Chicago. The group has an emotional goodbye outside the wedding, and Barney decides to engage in the high five to end all high fives:


Fans were probably thinking: Ted is SO NOT moving anywhere and that’s probably going to hurt.

3. Ted stays (obviously) because he met a girl! Marshall and Lily are pissed, but happy for him:

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Fans were probably thinking: Thank goodness we’re done hearing Ted mope about his love life!

4. Flashback to Ted and drumroll…Tracy’s name reveal and their meeting in the rain:

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Fans were probably thinking: Finally, the umbrella storyline is over. GEEZ!

5. Flash forward to an unwed Ted and Tracy now PREGNANT!

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Fans were probably thinking: Out of wedlock?! YOU GO, UNTRADITIONAL TED!

6. Barney and now super famous reporter Robin fight over wifi, and announce their divorce to the group:

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Fans were probably thinking: We’re surprised they lasted 3 years!

7. Ted and Tracy finally get hitched in a small wedding:

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Fans were probably thinking: No castle, but we’ll take it!

8. Marshall finally becomes a judge:

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Fans were probably thinking: How is Lily going to ruin it this time??

9. Barney completes a perfect month (31 girls, in 31 days) but his sexy time backfires when he gets the last lady pregnant:

barney baby
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Fans were probably thinking: He’ll be a playboy for life, but Barney’s finally found his one true love!

10. The mother gets heartbreakingly sick:

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Fans were probably thinking: HEARTLESS DEMON WRITERS, we knew it all along—but still can’t accept it!

11. The end of the story:

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Fans were probably thinking: WTF.

12. The kid’s reactions to the end of the story were priceless, and they’ve know all along that their dad should end up with Robin:

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Fans were probably thinking: Still, WTF.

13. Ted calls Robin, chickens out and hangs up, then decides to make one final romantic gesture:

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Fans were probably thinking:

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And where’s Bob Saget?!

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Apr 1, 2014 10:49am PST