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How The Super Rich Royal Family Feel About The Middletons' Financial Struggles!

How The Insanely Rich Royal Family Feel About The Middletons' Financial Struggles

The royal family isn’t worried about the Middletons’ massive debt at all? Really?!

As we covered, Princess Catherine‘s parents Carole and Michael Middleton had to sell their company Party Pieces last year due to millions of dollars of debt following issues thanks to the pandemic. On Monday, The Times UK reported the fam is still struggling to come up with over $329,000 in “insolvency firm costs” amid the process of closing down the company. That’s not chump change!

Despite being so deep in the hole, royal author Christopher Andersen is coming to the couple’s defense. On Thursday, he told Us Weekly “no one in the royal family is embarrassed by the failure of Party Pieces” —  partly because the debt is not a reflection of the couple’s personal finances. Oh…

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Explaining how both Carole and her brother Gary Goldsmith have built “considerable fortunes” for themselves, he dished:

“People shouldn’t make the mistake that the Middletons are broke, because they decidedly are not. Their business went belly-up because of things entirely out of their control, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t got substantial personal assets.”

So, if they were broke, would the royals then be embarrassed?? Funny to stress just how rich the family is despite the fact they still owe a s**t ton of money!! LOLz! Rich people — even when they go broke, they’re still rich. Funny how that works!

Regardless of the financial problems, the Brothers and Wives author said there’s no need for the royals to be embarrassed about Kate’s family business failing because it’s mostly just a reflection of the times:

“In Carole’s case, the party supply business she founded flourished for years until, like so many other businesses, it was undone by COVID. For nearly two years, nobody was giving children’s parties and the lingering effects have been devastating. The entire market for what Party Pieces was selling went straight off the end of a cliff.”

Yeah, definitely a tough business to run during a pandemic! But these days, there’s also so much more for the prestigious clan to be worried about! Anderson said given “all that is happening with the royal family at the moment,” it’s unlikely “the Middletons’ business setbacks” are creating any concern at all. The writer continued:

“Between [King Charles III]’s cancer battle and Kate’s cancer battle, the last thing they have on their minds is how much the Middletons owe their creditors. We have to keep in mind that Carole Middleton is focusing on helping her daughter cope with what is a devastating diagnosis. The future queen has always leaned very heavily on her mother for emotional support and encouragement, and never more so than now.”

He added:

“I think the King in particular appreciates how important a role Carole Middleton plays in keeping her daughter’s spirits up at this crucial time.”

At the end of the day, family comes first, right?

While the royal family might not be concerned about the optics, Carole is said to be upset by the company’s ending. That said, she’s doing everything she can to keep the drama away from her daughter, a previous Us source revealed:

“Carole is desperately trying to keep Catherine fully focused on her recovery. It’s a very worrying time for the family but they are not looking for any assistance from their children and don’t want them to worry.”

At least this isn’t creating any additional tension for the family — they’ve got more than enough of that already! And hopefully the Middletons will get the debt sorted quickly! If not, well, it sounds like they’re too rich to really care, so… Whatevs??

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