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Incredible Hulk Star Lou Ferrigno's Wife Of 43 Years Files For Divorce -- And Makes SHOCKING Allegations!

Hulk Star Lou Ferringo’s Wife Carla Alleges ‘Abusive’ Relationship In SHOCKING Divorce Filings

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry… or controlling… or scary…? Lou Ferrigno’s wife of over four decades has filed for divorce — and dropped some very serious allegations against the bodybuilding legend.

Carla Ferrigno wants out of her marriage to The Incredible Hulk star — but according to her, he’s doing everything in his power to prevent it. In court documents filed in San Luis Obispo County, California, and obtained by on Sunday, the 74-year-old staked some seriously disturbing claims about her estranged husband. Basically, Lou attempted to gain a court-ordered conservatorship over his wife after she was diagnosed with dementia. In response, she filed her counter suit, alleging he keeps her locked up in their Arroyo Grande mansion while he “spends most of his time traveling to his various appearances.” She also says he’s “flaunting” an alleged mistress named Lisa in her face.


She detailed in the court docs:

“While his infidelity may not be abuse, when I get upset with him about her being around, he physically intimidates me, by getting into my face and using his much larger size — he will remind everyone that he is the Hulk — compared to my slight stature, to scare and control me into submission. While towering over me, he yells at me, claiming horrible things about me and making sure that I understand that I am ruining his life and that he will not care for me”

Holy s**t?!?!

Sadly, the story just gets worse and worse.

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Apparently, Lou has accused their own daughter Shanna of “elder abuse,” claiming in his initial filings that she and Carla’s sister Pam attempted to trick her into withdrawing $500,000 from their shared bank account — which led to Carla’s lawyers filing a petition for divorce last month. In the filings, she requested a restraining order against the 71-year-old, drawing back the curtains on his alleged “abusive” tendencies:

“Through recent filings and statements through his attorneys, Lou has made it known that I have been diagnosed with dementia, but what he leaves out is that his own frustration with that fact and my aging in a way that prevents me from keeping up with him, has led to him being abusive of me in many ways. I do not deny that I am not in the same condition as I was when I was younger, but I know what is going on around me, how Lou treats me, and that he is trying to ensure that I am treated as completely incompetent so that he can use our estate and leave me to die. I know that I want a divorce and that Lou is trying to stop that by isolating me from other family members.”

Wow. How incredibly sad… She continued:

“I believed that I had access to some joint accounts and credit cards, but recently went to the bank to access this, and Lou had used estate planning documents to limit my access and he was notified at my attempt, came to the bank and made sure that I was not able to access our money, in any way.”

Damn! She went on to claim Lou hasn’t made any attempt to make their home more accommodating for her waning condition. She says instead he limits her range by locking some doors and mostly “restricting” her to her bedroom and the kitchen.

One specific gripe she has is that her bed reeks of urine, as their 17-year-old dog has trouble with mobility — but Lou refuses to clean it! Carla claimed:

“Lou has and is continuing to assert total control over me by way of physical intimidation, emotional abuse, restricting my movement within our own home, depriving me of access to our estate, and, most concerning to me, trying to make sure that I do not have access to my family, including our own children.”

How messed up. She added that his request for a restraining order against their daughter was his way of cutting her off from receiving outside help:

“While for a long time Lou was willing to allow me to be cared for by our daughter and my sister, as well as hired care takers, now that they are calling him out on his abuse, he is taking steps to limit my contact with them.”

She believes the convention staple is using her declining mental state as an opportunity to gain complete control over her, eliminating the possibility of divorce — which would diminish his assets. However, she says, both her doctor and attorneys have advocated for her and claimed that she’s been wanting out of the marriage for years — and that she’s lucid enough to make that call. Her attorneys said in a September filing:

“Without divulging any attorney-client communications, I can state that Carla expressed a clear desire to divorce her husband, Lou Ferrigno, and to hire our office to pursue that action.”

In response, Lou’s attorney Vatche Zetjian said in a statement to the outlet:

“Lou’s priority remains his wife’s welfare. All of the Restraining Orders recently mentioned in the press have been suspended upon mutual agreement of the parties. Lou and Carla, through counsel, have agreed to mediate and Lou’s hope remains that they reach an amicable resolution. Lou requests privacy for all his family members at this time.”

Carla has made it clear that she would like either their daughter Shanna, or their son Lou Jr. to manage her affairs.

What a horrible situation… We hope Carla can get out of it as it seems clearly to be what she wants. What are your thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Let us know in the comments down below.

[Image via Universal Television/YouTube & Sheri Determan/WENN]

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