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Did Idaho Suspect Bryan Kohberger Post True Crime TikToks About The Murders?!

Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger TikTok True Crime Podcast

True crime and “true crime” may have finally intersected in the form of one suspected killer.

The investigation into the brutal quadruple murder of University of Idaho students Kaylee Goncalves, Xana KernodleEthan Chapin, and Maddie Mogen made a huge leap forward on Friday with the arrest of Bryan Kohberger. There’s still much we don’t know, including what possible motive the PhD student — who didn’t even go to school with them — could have had.

One thing we do know is that Kohberger is a criminology student. That’s an important factor in the latest internet theory about the case… Let’s face it, the online sleuths haven’t really covered themselves in glory when it comes to this investigation. But in this case, the true crime posters are exactly where the suspicion lies.

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First off, someone using the handle josco1972 has been posting to TikTok about the murders. Josco claimed to be “a relative of someone inside the investigation” hence his inside information — but a lot of what he said was way too specific, things even the police wouldn’t have known. For instance, he says one of the bodies was positioned on top of another in bed — and that was because that victim woke up and tried to escape. How would police even know that, let alone a relative of a cop??

The true crime fan doesn’t show his face in the vids, facing his camera at a laptop with news footage about the crime instead. But a bit of a reflection can be seen on the screen — and the man does look a bit like Kohberger, leading a lot of folks to believe he is josco.


♬ original sound – user3480800301753

That video was posted on December 13, the one-month anniversary of the murders. It’s certainly a creepy idea — that a killer might get cocky (or even anxious?) and start talking about the murders online. See some of the speculation (below):

But there’s a big hole in the theory — Kohberger was arrested in the early hours of December 30. And josco has posted since then… including this one in which he tells commenters accusing him to “screw off” because he’s “innocent until proven guilty”:


♬ original sound – user3480800301753

Not to mention the fact most of the posts before the murders were about Harry Styles… Just doesn’t feel like it fits…

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Surprisingly this isn’t the only theory about Bryan reaching out to true crime aficionados in the weeks following the killings.

Someone called in to a live podcast called Allegedly with T-REV, using the name “Dave” a week or so ago. A woman claiming to be a former friend of Kohberger, a woman named Casey Arntz, said she recognized his voice as the podcast caller — which of course gave birth to a whole new theory. Innerestingly, Casey’s TikTok has been deleted since. Not just the video in which she says it’s Kohberger’s voice — her entire channel. Hmm…

If this was Kohberger, it seems like he was trying to use the platform to misguide internet investigators. “Dave” gave his two cents about the murders, mostly trying to throw suspicion towards an Idaho fraternity. He told the host:

“I watched your live earlier this afternoon and been watching it, this one, and I, uh, the thing that, that strikes me as kind of weird about all of this is that I live in a college town, and I’ve worked with probably uh at least 10 Sigma Chi members and, you know, the one thing that every single one of them I feel like has asked me is, ‘If you were going to kill somebody, how would you get away with it?’ And I just wonder if, maybe, if maybe this is nothing more than some kid in a fraternity trying to prove himself, and that was it.”

Sorry, WHAT?! They all asked that? Why would they ask him that? Maybe because he was a criminology expert? Like a grad student? The caller continues:

“Yeah, I don’t know if that’s a thing that just like maybe people say trying to have like have interesting conversation but like just in my head it’s like this is… it’s always been these dudes who were in the fraternity… And so it makes me wonder if it’s a thing that’s in their… in their like culture that they ask to see how smart you are and whatever and what kind of answer you come up with… and someone took it too far.”

Victim Ethan Chapin was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. So odd that someone would try to point the finger that way. And with such an odd story, about them all asking him that. Even the host was in disbelief, responding:

“What kind of dudes would ask you that? That’s the craziest s**t.”

T-REV also posted the interaction to Twitter, saying he had no idea whether it was true that “Dave” was Kohberger:

What do YOU think about these theories? Do folks just want to believe a criminology student was a true crime obsessive? Or is all of this too sus??

[Image via Fox 6 News/YouTube/Kaylee Goncalves/Instagram.]

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