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I'm Attacked For Being Too Fabulous! And My Kids And I Go To The Flutter Experience! MAGICAL!!! | Perez Hilton

Perez feels like he’s being shamed for EVERYTHING these days. It’s okay. We have thick skin. He knows he’s a great father. He goes off on a little rant at the beginning of this video. We hope that talking about our struggles helps normalize the gay dad experience. Or, heck, even single moms. Or married moms. All parents can be sexual beings! Parents can also be silly and big goofs! And that’s exactly what we were when we took the kids to The Flutter Experience.

The name does not do it justice! This instagram pop-up museum is focused on modern art. And, specifically, how art can heal and be used as therapy. We so needed this! It was such a beautiful and FUN experience! The children loved it too!

Watch! Enjoy! SHARE!

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Dec 18, 2019 13:20pm PDT