Is $500,000 Too Much For A Wedding Gown????


Wedding planner David Tutera has created a half a million dollar wedding gown.

The one-of-a-kind dress, titled the Platinum Wedding Gown, is part of the David Tutera by Faviana wedding collection. The dress is adorned with a 10 feet of platinum chain, 33 carats of diamonds, 145.84 carats of aquamarine, white keshi pearls and a south sea pearl pendant hanging from platinum.

Sounds heavy!

Tutera collaborated with jewelry designer Erica Courtney, who said that “I didn’t think anything could make this dress more beautiful; it’s already absolute perfection. As I looked at the dress, thefirst thing that came to mind was platinum, because not only is platinum the most appropriate metal for weddings, but the crushed diamond look of pure platinum is such a shock of incomparable beauty.”

Tutera added, “I wanted the …dress to be truly awe-inspiring to capture the inspiration and excitement every bride shoudl feel….Platinum is simply the best. It is enduring, timeless and classic, and it’s fantastic for wedding jewelry. It’s the most precious of all metals and lasts a lifetime, making it the perfect symbol for everlasting marriage.”

Yeah, that’s why platinum wedding bands are popular. Maybe it’s just us, but a gown covered in chains and dripping in jewels sounds kinda gawdy!

It’s valued at $501,640.00.

Holy smokes!! Is he crazy? Amidst widespread reports that even the wealthiest consumers aren’t splurging on luxury items, now might not be the best time to debut a wedding gown that costs more than a house!

[Image courtesy of Star Tracks photo]

Sep 24, 2009 12:00pm PDT