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Ivanka Trump Cropped Don Jr's Fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle Out Of Tiffany's Wedding Pics!

Ivanka Trump Cropped Out Don Jr Wife Kimberly Guilfoyle Tiffany Wedding Photo

It wouldn’t be a wedding without a little family drama, right?

Donald Trump‘s other daughter Tiffany Trump got married over the weekend to Michael Boulos, a 25-year-old billionaire she met in 2018. Everyone in the controversial family was in attendance at the Mar-A-Lago ceremony on Saturday. But not everyone made it into all the photo albums…

On Sunday Ivanka Trump put up wedding pics on Instagram, and one particular image had folks raising an eyebrow. Take a gander at the fourth photo in this carousel:


Left to right, that’s Eric Trump‘s wife Lara, Tiffany’s mom Marla Maples, the blushing bride, Melania Trump, and Ivanka. But the thing is, there was one other person in that photo.

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Donald Trump Jr‘s fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle, is just to the right. And yet this was the exact version of the photo Ivanks posted on both her main feed and her IG Stories. Amazing. She cropped her out of the wedding photos. See the evidence HERE.

Yup. That’s all too real. On the left there you can see the original photo. Kimberly was there, too, and Ivanka chopped her right out.

Is there some beef we don’t know about between the self-titled First Daughter and the former Fox News anchor?? Could be. Or maybe she was just trying to brighten up the pics a bit. After all, Kim clearly didn’t get the memo about the frosted look — and was really bringing the rest of the pastel crew down with her black dress. Wearing black to a wedding is traditionally considered bad form, though plenty of modern brides are getting more lax. But no one else was wearing black there…

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Was she making a statement of some kind? Or did they not bother telling her to match because she’s so much of an afterthought among the women of the family?

A source tried to calm the speculation online on Monday, assuring that Ivanka and Kimberly had spent a “lot of time together at the wedding and really have a wonderful relationship”:

“Ivanka loves Kimberly and in no way would crop her out.”

Except… she totally did crop her out. What kind of defense is that? The insider added:

“The two women are very close and Kimberly has really become part of the Trump family. When Ivanka realized what had happened, she immediately reposted the photo.”

That much is true, she did post the full version on her IG stories later that afternoon. But not on the main feed. The one that sticks around. That’s still there. As far as her only realizing later? That’s a tougher sell.

If you notice in the carousel, that pic seems to be a lower resolution than all the other photos around it — probably because she zoomed in so much to get rid of all that Guilfoyle. This was a conscious effort. But now that the spotlight is on her, it’s all smiles — as usual.

We can’t blame Ivanka for trying to quell any talk of in-fighting, especially now. After all, she’s a chip off the old block in so many ways, and Donald has been trying the past few days, quite unsuccessfully, to convince us he’s not gearing up for war with the rest of the Republican Party after the midterms. But hey, at least they all have family during this trying time.

But it’s the internet, gurl. You can’t make these things go away like they’re financial investigations. Even the ladies of The View weighed in!

OMG, Sunny Hostin‘s take that Ivanka doesn’t necessarily think she’ll stay with Don Jr, so it was only prudent to crop her out for the future! HA!

Why do YOU think Ivanka cropped out Kimberly??

[Image via Judy Eddy/Rob Rich/WENN.]

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