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Fans Call Out Jaden Smith For Wearing 'Tone Deaf' Oxygen Mask As Part Of His Halloween Costume!

In most cases, you’d probably be considered smart for wearing a face-covering while out and about amid the coronavirus pandemic — but fans did not appreciate how Jaden Smith took that idea and ran with it for his Halloween costume over the weekend!

ICYMI, the 22-year-old artist was one of many celebs who attended Kendall Jenner‘s themed birthday bash on Saturday, where he sported an oxygen mask as part of his overall look. After pics and clips of the problematic outfit started making the rounds on social media, many flocked to Twitter to voice their frustration with Jaden’s tone-deaf ensemble!

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Before we get into the tea, get a close look at Smith’s costume in the shot (below), where he’s seen chatting it up with Justin Bieber:

Jaden Smith seen wearing an oxygen mask while speaking with Justin Bieber at a Halloween party.
Um, were all of the other spooky and holiday-appropriate masks sold out or what, dude?! / (c) Kylie Jenner/Instagram Story

Lest we’ve all forgotten, we are still in the middle of a pandemic due to the novel coronavirus, so our collective disapproval of the large gathering should go without being stated. But as we mentioned, critics on the internet thought it was especially f**ked up that the Syre rapper would wear the life-saving oxygen mask amid the ongoing health crisis.

A few of the reactions included (below):

“why is no one calling out Jaden Smith for being an absolute idiot &thinking wearing an oxygen mask as a costume was cute??????? During a pandemic with 1.2mil people dead worldwide from a virus affecting respiratory organs this truly is so tone deaf…”

“Not jaden smith dressing up as a covid patient for halloween. apart from attending that kendall jenner party, he’s making fun of the situation. my mom and my aunt are ashmatic, and they were rushed to the hospital with oxygen many times. i’m beyond disgusted”

Eek. All things considered, we can definitely see how this might come off as him mocking the situation!

A third user flat-called Will Smith‘s son “inhumane” for trying to pull something like this off, writing:

While the backlash mounted on Twitter, Jaden actually tried to clear things up over on Instagram! He shared a picture of actor John David Washington‘s character from the movie Tenet, letting fans know he was only trying to pay homage to the film. Which is fine, we guess? Although, the choice is a bit of a reach considering the movie hasn’t been widely released in the US as many theaters remain closed due to the pandemic, so, a lot of people likely missed the reference!

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We Live In A Twilight World

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And of course, it didn’t stop people from holding him accountable for going out in the first place. One social media user cited Jaden’s costume reference in their defense, writing alongside a shot of the film’s poster:

“I feel like it’s from the movie tenet that just came out”

Which prompted another user to fire back with:

“so? it‘s still tone deaf. he could‘ve literally picked ANY other costume and stayed [the f**k] HOME”


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A different user chimed in trying to play devil’s advocate and let Smith off the hook for partying:

“Do we honestly think most adults his age where staying home. Hell no. So lets put what’s probably facts in perspective.”

Again, getting through this tumultuous time is all about the choices we make — and people are totally within their right to call this one out. Sorry celebs, you’re not getting off the hook.

Perezcious readers, do U think this backlash was unfair or totally spot on? Sound OFF (below) in the comments.

[Image via Fayes Vision/WENN/Kylie Jenner/Instagram]

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