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Jana Kramer Reveals More Divorce Details, Including Her Words To Mike Caussin After Signing The Papers...

Jana Kramer reveals more divorce details about her split from Mike Caussin.

Jana Kramer is opening up again about her ongoing divorce from Mike Caussin, and just by listening to the emotion in her voice it’s obvious to tell she’s been going through it and beyond.

The country crooner took to her weekly Whine Down podcast with a new episode published on Monday. And in this one, she brought along her longtime best friend Kathryn to give more insight into the divorce news.

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As it turns out, Kathryn played a pivotal  role in the moments leading up to the former NFL star being served with divorce papers. As Jana explained during the new podcast episode, entitled Follow Your Intuition, Kathryn’s tough love crucially kept her physically apart from Mike, preventing the country crooner from what would have been a misguided attempt at reconciling with him even as the divorce papers had already been drawn up.

Recalling how her unwanted drive towards an ugly reconciliation was a behavior broadly similar to that of drug addicts trying to get one more hit, Jana reminisced about the night Mike was officially served the divorce papers, saying (below):

“The night that Mike got served, it was literally like a drug. I was like, ‘he can’t come in this room.’ Because the second he comes in this room, I’m probably going to ask for him back, or I’m going to beg for this, because I need him. … The addict in me was like, I wanted him so badly to come in that room, and hold me, and tell me he’s sorry, and give me that hit, because I needed it so bad. … I wanted that hit, but I also know what that hit does to me.”


She continued on from there, noting how surreal the whole situation became when they had to set it up so a process server could reach Mike and hand him the legal docs:

“Dealing with that, it felt like a movie, sitting in the lawyer’s office and trying to figure out how to do it. Honestly, what I wanted was to be like, ‘here are the papers.’ Because he knew, or I think he knew, that I was filing. But he was out of the house for about a week. And it was one of those things where it couldn’t be me. By law, I couldn’t [be the one to] serve him the [divorce] papers. … So trying to figure that out was tough. And I’m just sitting in the lawyer’s office and it just felt like a dream.”

Interestingly, the Michigan native reveals for the first time that she and Kathryn had to go through all of this because they didn’t actually know where Mike was most of the time!!

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For “about a week,” he’d been staying somewhere other than the estranged couple’s home, complicating the divorce decree and the timing of actually handing him the documents:

“We didn’t know where he was staying. … And I knew what was happening. I’m in the room, I know what’s about to happen, and I’m wailing. Like, bawling, crying. All I wanted to do in that moment was run out saying ‘never mind, never mind, never mind, Mike come here.’ Literally that’s what I wanted to do because that was the addict in me being like, ‘the second that he gets those papers, it’s done, and I can’t go back to that person any more.'”


But once it was done, it was done.

As the One Tree Hill alum emotionally explained, breaking down into tears before asking for a break so she could re-compose herself, once the divorce docs got signed all the questions she had for him became irrelevant:

“We just talk about the kids [now]. But I’m going to be honest, I’ve texted him a bunch, and been like, ‘why? This isn’t what I wanted, and it’s not fair.’ But I officially signed the paperwork last week, and that was the hardest of all the days. Just, like, seeing the signatures, and it not being what I want, and what I want for my family. And I called him after I signed the papers, and I told them it was signed, and I expressed to him everything, like, ‘I know I wasn’t a perfect wife, but I would have fought forever for this family, and for you.’ And I just said, ‘from here on out, I’m going to stop with the whys and the hows cause now I have to move on.'”


Those last couple lines are very, very powerful. No wonder there was so much raw emotion on this week’s podcast; it comes through to the listeners, too. Heavy stuff…

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