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Jana Kramer Opens Up About 'Things I Really Regret Saying' Following Ugly Mike Caussin Split

Jana Kramer Opens Up About 'Thing I Really Regret Saying' Following Ugly Mike Caussin Split

Jana Kramer is taking some time to reflect on where she’s been and where she’s going.

Namely, the country crooner is thinking long and hard about what went down between her and now-ex-husband Mike Caussin as they split up for good way back in April. Or, more to the point, after they split.

The I Got The Boy singer has had quite a bit to say about her former NFL player ex and their breakup is as their divorce wound through the courts (and the court of public opinion). It’s all that gab that she’s now second-guessing!

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Jana’s wrestles with that issue with host Maria Menounos on the latest episode of Better Together, a daily life improvement digital show that the former E! host produces and broadcasts.

In their conversation, the two women take a deep dive into exploring how and why the 37-year-old Kramer has remorse following her split from the ex-NFL football player. Jana tells Maria:

“It’s one of those things where there are so many things I wish I could take back and when it’s already out there, [the] press has picked it up or you’re like ‘Ah I wish I would have not said it like that!’ There’s a lot of things I really regret saying… [I’m] straight up open about that.”


We wonder which things in particular? Like when she basically confirmed the reports he cheated on her yet again, this time while she was recovering from breast augmentation surgery?

Of course, we’ve covered no shortage of stories involving Kramer and the things she’s had to say about Caussin over the last few months especially — be they on her own Whine Down podcast, or speaking with friends, or talking directly to fans on social media platforms.

Jana Kramer reveals she sold her wedding ring from Mike Caussin!
One thing is for sure: Jana always has a LOT to say about this relationship and its aftermath. / (c) Jana Kramer/Instagram / DJDM/WENN

Heck, it goes back years, too; at one point in her convo with Menounos, Jana admits regretting her decision to publish the couple’s book The Good Fight, which focused on marriage and infidelity.

And so now that the dust has settled some and the couple’s time together is but a memory, the One Tree Hill alum clearly wonders whether being so open was the right move to make. Further along in the ep, Kramer adds:

“That’s honestly the reason I started talking about the infidelity piece of my marriage because I wanted to change the narrative [when they were still together]. [Mike] didn’t understand, and I was like, ‘People will write about the fact you cheated on me in every article, let’s change the narrative,’ and be like, ‘Hey but this is how we survived it and how we got through it,’ and obviously, we didn’t end up [with that] positive tone.”

No kidding…

Rueful that things didn’t turn out so well regarding “the narrative,” as she terms it, Jana admits she’s once again trying to alter people’s perceptions of her in a more positive light:

“Now I’m like let’s change the narrative to how I’m stronger and how I was able to walk through it. It’s definitely hard because there’s moments where I do feel weak and I do feel not strong and I want to post something maybe a little mean to my ex or a little jab. But at the end of the day, I’m like ‘Okay that’s probably going to get picked up and that’s probably going to start a fight with us and my kids are going to read it.'”

Hmmm… that’s a tough one, especially considering these two still have to interact quite a bit while co-parenting their two children: son Jace Joseph, 2, and daughter Jolie Rae, 5.

Ch-ch-check out the whole conversation (below)!

What do U make of Jana’s media manipulation, Perezcious readers?! It’s something all celebs do, so let’s not act like she’s the only one trying to play PR or something — but would she be better off keeping more things private from now on just in general? Like, is she trying to do too much narrative manipulation and it keeps backfiring on her?

Sound OFF with your opinions and tell us where you come in on this issue down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Nicky Nelson/Apega/WENN]

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