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Woman's Brutal Murder Was Streamed On Facebook Live In 'Very Evil Act'

Janice David Murder Facebook Live Video Earl Lee Johnson Jr Arrested

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

A Louisiana woman was fatally stabbed, and the whole thing went live on Facebook… Horrifying…

According to authorities in the southern state, Janice David, 34, was brutally stabbed to her death and the whole thing was broadcast on social media! Baton Rouge Police Sergeant L’Jean McKneely Jr. told reporters on Tuesday that they had arrested Earl Lee Johnson Jr. (above) for the devastating death. Interestingly, though, police had him in custody on Monday night before they even learned of this situation!

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In the press conference, McKneely explained that the killing was streamed over social media, allowing shocked viewers to report the video to Facebook, which quickly alerted the Louisiana State Police. Janice’s deceased naked body was found Monday night inside a car that was parked outside of an office building. She was bound to the steering wheel with jumper cables and the attack reportedly went on for 15 minutes, sources told WBRZ‘s Chief Investigator Chris Nakamoto.

Earlier in the night, Johnson was arrested after allegedly stealing a car. Investigators didn’t discover his involvement in the murder until after they already had him in custody, at which point they interviewed him and he admitted to the killing. He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder, theft of a motor vehicle, and aggravated flight from an officer. While he has not entered a plea, Earl allegedly confirmed his part in the stabbing, telling authorities that he killed David after they had gone on a days-long drug binge. McKneely believes it lasted “at least three to four days.” When the binge was coming to an end, things turned incredibly violent, the officer described the horrifying incident further, telling WBRZ Channel 2:

“He choked her, he beat her, and he stabbed her. And then from there, he tried to set the car on fire.”


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McKneely revealed that there was “some association” between the suspect and victim but added:

“I don’t know how long they’ve known each other. From what we believe, they had been together for at least three days. [Based on] information from what we’ve got.”

As to be imagined, he also noted it was “very gruesome” and said that broadcasting it live on social media was a “very, very evil act.” No kidding…

Johnson is currently being held without bail. It is unclear if he has obtained legal counsel yet. Authorities are not aware of any motive at this time. So, so sad. You can learn more on this case (below), but be warned, most viewers may find the content disturbing.

Heartbreaking. Our thoughts go out to Janice’s friends and family as they mourn this horrific death.

[Image via Janice David/Facebook/WVLA/YouTube.]

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