Jay Z & Solange SPOTTED Shopping For Jewelry At A Store Called Mr. Flawless?!?!? What In The Ever-loving F**k?

jay z solange shopping jewelry nyc solange

Here’s a twist no one saw coming!!!

Since video footage was leaked of Beyonc├â┬⌐‘s sis giving Jay Z a Big Apple beat down, all eyes have been on the seemingly strained relationship between Solange and her brother-in-law!

Well, as it turns out, Solange & Jay Z must’ve slapped their beef on a grill and eaten it as part of a delicious hamburger because they were spotted together in NYC today!!

They weren’t fighting! They weren’t arguing! They weren’t glaring! They were… wait for it… wait for it… shopping for jewelry!!

Wait, WHAT?! What the hell?!?!

This really happened! We aren’t even joking! And you’ll never guess where the Flawless singer’s hubby and sis went to buy their bling, either! It was a jewelry store called Mr. Flawless!

Wow!!!! We don’t even know how to respond!! We’re scrambling for plausible theories here!!!

Was Solange apologizing for her outburst by buying HOV a diamond-encrusted Illuminati pendant?

Maybe the fight had nothing to do with RiRi at all! Maybe he really did just fart in the elevator!

Perhaps they’re buying Bey a present as a way to apologize for putting her through all of this week’s shenanigans?!

Either way, witnesses say Jaylange didn’t make any purchases or even try any merchandise on. Apparently the two didn’t even talk very much!!!

Sounds like the Met Gala fight might be water under the bridge now. Or stinky methane high above the ozone, if the elevator fart theory holds true!!

What do U think they were doing together there in the store?

[Image via WENN & AP Images.]

May 13, 2014 7:39pm PST

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