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Jeffree Star Caught On Camera Calling Influencer A ‘F**king F*****’ AT TikTok Event! WATCH!

Jeffree Star Caught On Camera Calling Influencer A ‘F**king F*****’ AT TikTok Event! WATCH!

Jeffree Star brought glam — and a potty mouth — to a recent TikTok convention!

The 38-year-old makeup artist has found himself in the middle of a fiery controversy after being caught using some pretty unsavory language! While at TikTok’s Live Fest in LA over the weekend, influencer Ekow Fynn (pictured above, inset) hopped on a livestream while clearly trying to antagonize the Jeffree Star Cosmetics founder. He referred to Jeffree and his crew as “the recyclers,” before the beauty guru just seemed to snap! In the livestream footage that’s since been uploaded to Ekow’s Instagram page, Jeffree went IN on him, calling him a f*****!


He can be heard saying:

“Ge the f**k out of my face, bitch. You f**king f***** watch your mouth. Watch your mouth you piece of s**t. Why are you being rude at a TikTok even you f*****? Watch your f**king mouth.”

The F-slur?? SERIOUSLY?!

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Ekow responded in shock, questioning:

“Me? You’re calling me one?”

That response doesn’t really have great implications…

Jeffree later hopped on a livestream of his own after cooling down and apologized for his outburst:

“Sorry about earlier. Someone tried to fight me and I couldn’t believe that happened. It was so random. Some weird, homophobic psychopath, and it was on the way out. It was wild and I don’t understand, it was very weird.”

You can see all the footage (below):

Ekow also went live after, questioning how Jeffree is “dropping those f-words to a straight man” as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. He also said that if he’s a “role model,” then that’s “a step back.”


What are your thoughts here, Perezious readers?? Should Jeffree suffer repercussions? TikTok is vehemently anti-bullying, and he DID use that language at a TikTok event — so should he be banned? You know where we fall on TikTok bans, LOLz! Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!

[Images via Jeffree Star/YouTube & Ekow Fynn/Instagram]

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