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Jen Shah's Lawyer Isn't Getting Paid!! Her Real Housewives Money Is Being Taken To Pay Victims!

Jen Shah's Lawyer Isn't Getting Paid!! Her Real Housewives Money Is Being Taken To Pay Victims!

Life continues to be difficult for Jen Shah.

It’s not just the difficult daily grind of prison life that is the issue here. In fact, she’s already experiencing financial issues and attorney questions even though she settled in at Federal Prison Camp Bryan in Texas just a few short weeks ago!

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According to a report published by the US Sun on Monday evening, the feds are planning on requisitioning the 49-year-old star’s big Bravo paychecks in order to pay back her victims! That outlet reported Shed Media — the production company behind Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and other popular Bravo reality shows — has been asked by the feds to send Jen’s show paychecks directly to the Clerk of Court in this case.


She owes exactly $6,695,466 in restitution, per court docs filed regarding her telemarketing scam case. And after Jen pled guilty to wire fraud last summer — and was initially sentenced to 78 months in federal prison for it — the juice started running on getting those payments out to victims.

The news outlet reported on a newly-unearthed “Notice of Settlement Order” in the case. In that document, Shed Media has been asked to start paying Jen’s “disposable earnings” to the court so as to make amends to those she harmed:

“Namely 25 percent of her disposable earnings from the sentencing date (January 10, 2023) through her surrender date (February 17, 2023). Shed Media, Inc. shall release to Shah 75 percent of earnings withheld between January 10 through February 17, 2023.”

The document went on to state that Jen is to give up “100% of each periodic payment” while in prison, and then the amount will taper off once she’s released in a few years:

“During Shah’s term of imprisonment (February 18, 2023 until the scheduled release date of August 30, 2028), Shed Media, Inc. shall pay 100% of each periodic payment due or owing to Shah to the Clerk of Court. Upon release from custody, when earnings or income may be required necessary and reasonable living expenses, Shed Media, Inc. shall pay 15% of gross monthly income or 25% of disposable earnings, whichever is greater.”

Interestingly, Shed Media wasn’t the only company sent a court notice about paying restitution via Jen’s wages! According to Radar OnlineNBC Universal MediaWarner Bros Entertainment, and even the celeb video site Cameo were also “hit with legal notices by the government.” Basically, it sounds like the feds are going after any and all places the RHOSLC star makes money in order to track down cash for her victims. Makes sense…

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Per the US Sun, Jen has NOT “requested a hearing nor objected to any garnishee’s answer” on this demand. So it sounds like she is accepting the fact that restitution is a reality. Which is a good thing, TBH. Do the crime, do the time, etc., etc.!

The court docs went on:

“The victims of Shah’s crime have the right to full and timely restitution as provided in law, and the law provides that the United States may use all available and reasonable means to collect restitution.”

So there you have it. Jen has previously talked a big game about paying back those who were hurt by her wire fraud scheme. Now, it sounds like she has the opportunity to make financial amends while serving her time. Done deal, then, right?

…Not quite!

There’s just one more little teeny-tiny problem left to deal with: Jen has reportedly stopped paying her lawyer!!! Attorney Priya Chaudhry, who has very publicly released several statements on the RHOSLC star’s behalf in the last year, has filed a “Motion to Withdraw as Counsel for Defendant.”

That filing, which was first sent to court late last Friday, read in part:

“Chaudhry Law seeks to withdraw as counsel for Defendant because the client has failed to pay the fees and expenses owed to the Firm and has thus breached her contract with the Firm.”


Not paying her lawyer?? Not good. It’s giving Donald Trump energy!!

Naming both Jen and her husband, college football coach Sharrieff Shah Sr., the filing claims significant attorney fees “remain outstanding” at this point, and adds:

“The Firm has made several attempts to collect Defendant’s outstanding fees and expenses, including six times since July 2022. [Shah has] repeatedly promised to pay these outstanding amounts, and the Firm continued to provide services, relying on the written engagement with Defendant and the promises of her husband.”

Now, Chaudhry’s firm wants out. The law partnership has recorded their desire with the court to walk away from Jen, calling their withdrawal request “satisfactory” due to the unpaid bills.

Arguing the Bravo-lebrity has “deliberately disregarded her agreement” with the firm, the court docs concluded:

“[The firm] has a right to assert a retaining lien against Defendant for her unpaid fees and expenses. Chaudhry Law PLLC respectfully requests this Court enter an order granting Chaudhry Law leave to withdraw as counsel of record for Defendant and such other and further relief this Court deems just and proper.”

A judge still has to make a ruling on that request, so nothing has been decided yet. But it’s never a good sign when your lawyer is actively working to get taken off your case. Yeesh!!

What do U make of Jen’s ongoing major legal and financial controversies, y’all??

Hey, look on the bright side, tho: at least she’s set to get out of prison a year earlier than she initially expected. Right?!

[Image via Bravo/YouTube]

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