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What Jenna Ortega REALLY Thought Of Controversial Sex Scene With MUCH Older Martin Freeman In New Film!

Jenna Ortega’s Sex Scene With Much Older Martin Freeman In New Film Sparks Controversy

Jenna Ortega was “comfortable” filming a sex scene with Martin Freeman in their new movie Miller’s Girl — despite their major age gap causing controversy!

The new film, which hit select theaters last month, has sparked backlash after fans were unnerved by a NSFW scene between the 21-year-old actress and 52-year-old actor. The age gap was a prime part of the plot considering the thriller follows a teacher and student’s complicated dynamic following a creative writing assignment — but fans still didn’t like the sexy interaction!

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Some took to social media to blast the movie, calling the scene “gross,” arguing:

“This Jenna Ortega/Martin Freeman film is so gross! So, so, so, so gross!”


“It looks troubling”

See a peek at the film (below):

It’s clearly intense! But was the scene as “gross” as fans think?! Not according to the film’s intimacy coordinator, Kristina Arjona, who clapped back at all that hate! Speaking to on Wednesday, she insisted the co-stars were “comfortable” working together, adding:

“There [were] many, many people throughout this process engaging with [Jenna] to make sure that it was consistent with what she was comfortable with, and she was very determined and very sure of what she wanted to do.”

Considering the Scream alum’s age, the coordinator paid special attention to Jenna throughout the process, she explained:

“Part of my job too is supporting her decisions. I adapt to whatever is the comfort level of my actors, especially on a production like this where there is a large age gap between the actors. I’m hyper aware of both of my talent and making sure that we’re consistently checking in and that at no point are any of their boundaries being surpassed.”

She urged:

“And, again, making sure — especially with someone who’s significantly younger — that they are giving continuous consent.”

That’s good! Kristina went on to note that the performers talked about the “level of nudity” and “additional barriers” used while filming the sequences — and they also had “the option on the day to change their mind if they [didn’t] want to do any of the elements that we’ve discussed.” So important to have these protocols in place! And FWIW, the whole film centers on this age gap, so everyone knew what they were getting into when signing on. We’re glad Jenna was “comfortable” with the whole thing, though! Thoughts? Share ’em (below)!

[Image via Lionsgate Movies/YouTube]

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