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When Hasbeens Attack!


It seems former actor Jesse Metcalfe is causing trouble again!

A group of friends were at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego for a bachelor party this past weekend, says one of our Perezcious readers who was part of the aforementioned festivities.

That’s when they ran into Metcalfe and things got violent after a brief exchange of words.

Our reader’s account details how Metcalfe, who went to rehab last year, and his entourage jumped one of their friends behind the pool area.

Luckily everything was caught on the hotel surveillance cameras. Let’s hope someone buys that footage soon!

Metcalfe deserves to go to jail!

Wait, he’d probably like that too much.

CLICK HERE to read the whole story about Metcalfe’s violent ways!

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“We arrived at the hard rock hotel in San diego on friday 5/16 to check in for a great weekend for a bachelor party. After check in we had a few drinks downstairs at a bar in the hotel. Then we made our way upstairs to the fourth floor that happens to be the pool area. Upon arriving upstairs we made our way to the bar in the pool area and noticed that Jesse was also a guest at the hotel. He was there with about 4 or 5 guy friends and 4 GROUPIES. After being there for no more than 5-10 minutes he came over to where we were standing at the bar and picked up his drinks from the waitress. Most of the guys in our group were wearing Kobe Bryant jersyes because the laker game was going to be on that night, that is how he sparked a conversation with us. He was like ” I am a huge laker fan” then we started talking and laughing and I asked him if he was that guy from desperate housewives and he was like “Yes, I am the guy” and started laughing and joking with us some more. After he went back to his table where his buddies and girls were our group broke up into two different ares of the bar and cabana area. That is where I sparked a conversation with the guy he eventually jumped in our group and some other buddies about how cool it would be to have the status of a celebrity because he was getting special treatment fomr the bar staff. As we kept talking about it we noticed that his girls were not all that hot. They just were dolled up with make-up and bikinis with big shades. Mind you we were about 15 feet away from Jesse at this time and having our own conversation. There was one girl in front of Jesse sitting on a stool or something and she had LOTS OF CELLULITE. So we brought that up, that he needs to step up with his ladies because for a being a celeb they were not good looking girls at all. About 10 minutes after that Jesse and his party proceeded to leave the pool area and we didnt know why until one of the members in his party got a little upset. He turned and looked at us while one of the groupies in his party was trying to calm him down and said you guys are fucked up and started to act like he wanted to fight or something. So then we got up and proceeded twords jesse and his peeps . As tempers flared everyboddy calmed down and jesse walked up to me personally and was like ” whats up man I thought we were cool. You guys were talking shit on one of my girls saying she has cellulite. Thats fucked up.” I replied to him and told him things are cool not to tip out because things were cool things are just getting blown out out of proportion. I also told him that what we said was true. He had ugly girls with him and he needed to step his game up. He then shook my hand and said ok I guess things are cool. He then made his way back to his buddies acted like he was leaving and and came back. He then came back to where we were sitting and started hanging like nothing had ever happend. He had a drink with us and shook hands with us like everything was ok. The about 10 member of our group left to have have sushi in the lobby of the hard rock at Nobu. We had left two of our friends behind by accident, they ramined at the pool area where Jesse and his buddies were. This is when our friends noticed we were gone and Jesse and his buddies engaged into an argument with them the guy who eventually got jumped tried to calm everyone down and let them know that they were leaving and had no intentions of getting into a fight and ruin the weekend for our party. He then turned around and walked away with our other buddy with him to leave the area and meet with us. This is when Jesse and his boys attacked him from behind knocking him to the ground and kicking and punching him. Our second friend was pushed and held back from being able to aide him. Then all hell broke loose as security kicked our buddies out even though they never started the fight . Jesse also left the hotel at this time with his entorauge. Our party was then escorted out by management and security and we were told we had to leave the hard rock. This came to us by surprise after our friend was assulted by this actor and know we were the ones dealing with the aftermath and toubles. The hard rock hotel handled this situation a a horrible way and we felt completley disrespected by the hotel and staff. Multiple members of the hardrock staff had claim to seen the security tapes over the weekend saying you can clearly see Jesse and his boys attck our friend from behind. The GM at the hotel allowed us to stay at the hotel but we could not use any of the ammenities in the hotel. No pool,no bar no nothing. It was BS.”

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May 19, 2008 19:00pm PDT

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