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Jessica Simpson's Ankles FINALLY Return To Normal Again -- What An Ordeal!

Jessica Simpson gives birth

Three months after giving birth to her third child, Jessica Simpson is delighted once again — because FINALLY, after weeks of figuring out the perfect remedy, she can see her ankles again!
The 38-year-old singer and fashion designer took to Instagram on Tuesday morning to celebrate the achievement, which, if you haven’t been keeping up with it we know how it sounds, but seriously — this moment has ben a LONG time in coming!
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Let’s go back to the start for a sec… back in early January, before she welcome daughter Birdie Mae to the world, Jessica realized that her ankles were CRAZY swollen. Obviously, when you’re pregnant, stuff gets bigger — but this was, like, a new zip code! Ha!!!
She took to IG to ask her followers and fans if there was anything she could do to make things a little bit easier on her poor joints, sharing a pic and writing (below):

jessica simpson's very swollen feet
Jessica first tipped us off to her ankle swelling issues back in early January, writing “Any remedies?! Help!!!!” / (c) Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Oh nooooo!!!!!
Fans and followers quickly came through for Jess, and the singer started using remedies to bring down the swelling — including cupping, an ancient Chinese massage therapy technique used to increase blood flow in an area.
Just over a week later, she returned to IG to show off the early results, which — as you can see (below) weren’t much, but they were something:
jessica simpson shows foot cupping on instagram
For a while, cupping seemed to do the trick, and by late January, she notes the swelling was already starting to go down! The pop star and fashion designer wrote: “Cupping ?” / (c) Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere, right?!
A couple months later, after her third child’s birth in March, Simpson returned to IG to give an update on the status of our now-favorite joints, sharing a picture and writing (below):
Jessica Simpson ankles
By March, things were really starting to get good again!! Jessica celebrated by showing off on IG, and writing “SKANKLES aka Skinny Ankles ?” / (c) Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Hey, things are starting to get really good again! Dare we say everything looks… nearly normal?!
Not completely, though — as we know now, Jess still had a little room left to improve further.
And well, on Tuesday morning, she got all the way back to where she wanted to be!
Look (below), Jessica Simpson has officially reunited with her ankles:

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I spy….my ankles!!!!

A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson) on

Yay! Time to celebrate! Ha!!!
Seriously, though, what a six-month ordeal that turned out to be! We’re just glad that everything ended up as it should have — CONGRATS, Jessica!!!
[Image via Instagram]

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