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Jessica Simpson BLASTED For Letting 11-Year-Old Daughter Wear Crop Top!

Jessica Simpson BLASTED For Letting 11-Year-Old Daughter Wear Crop Top!


Jessica Simpson is coming under serious fire after letting her daughter walk outta the house in a crop top!

The internet had a conniption over the weekend after the singer posted a series of snapshots next to her 11-year-old, Maxwell, before heading off to a work event together on Friday. For the occasion, Jessica wore a pink mini dress while her child donned a long denim maxi skirt and a matching corset-style crop top. Seeing no problems with the fashion, the 43-year-old momma captioned the photos:

“Bring your Barbie to work day

Unfortunately, most of her followers weren’t loving her IRL Barbie’s OOTD!

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First off, check out what all the hype was about (below)!

Her comment section quickly lit up with controversy as upset fans argued:

“Isn’t she like 11 or something?? Stop sexualizing your little girl”

“If you would ask me I would have guessed her age to be 13 14 by the way she was dressed and looked. We try to age faster than we need to. We all try to look older when we were younger. It’s up to the parents to make sure that we dress appropriately for our age. Beautiful girl beautiful mother.”

“Why in the hell would you let your child dress like that is beyond me!!!”

“Who lets their 11 year old child out of the house dressed like that?? Too busy trying to be her minor daughter’s best friend instead of being a responsible parent.”

That last commenter also pointed out the ways in which they felt the I Wanna Love You Forever vocalist was being hypocritical, adding:

“After years of denouncing how she was oversexualized as a young adult and the scrutiny she faced, she’s now making sure her daughter will have the same experience, instead of protecting her from it. Shameful and incredibly sad. Poor Maxwell.”

Wow! People are pissed!!

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On the other hand, plenty of fans thought the haters needed to keep their mouths shut, clapping back:

“The irony of everyone in the comments accusing her of ‘sexualizing’ her daughter by allowing her to wear whatever the f–k she wants, when y’all are doing the exact same thing to an 11 y.o girl on the internet whom you don’t even know lmaooo [clown emoji] @jessicasimpson you look stunning!!!”

“Sooo cute ! (PS, if you sexualize an 11 year old for what she is wearing, you are part of the problem.)”

“So many Karens here geez! No 11 year old looks like an 11 yr old today. We’re not in the Brady Bunch years anymore, she looks fine. She’s w her momma”

Yeah, there’s a thin line between calling out an outfit that sexualizes a child — and sexualizing a child yourself by calling attention to potential aspects of an outfit. For instance, when you start policing children’s swimwear, you start to sound less like a protector and more like a Duggar. Just sayin’. It’s a tricky area, and as some fans suggested, sometimes it’s best to leave that up to the parents. At least, when they’re not complete weirdos.

Speaking of weirdos, Jessica has been outspoken about another kind of commenter lately: body-shamers. She was accused recently of using Ozempic to lose weight quickly, despite having been open for years about her lifestyle changes. The 43-year-old shut down the accusations explicitly though, saying in an interview with Bustle earlier this month:

“Do people want me to be drinking again? Because that’s when I was heavier. Or they want me to be having another baby? My body can’t do it.”

She credited her slimmed-down figure to working with a nutritionist who helped her change her eating habits. The constant criticisms over her weight have led to honest conversations with her kids — including Ace Knute, 10, and daughter Birdie Mae, 4, whom she shares with husband Eric Johnson. She told Access Hollywood last week:

“We need to focus on our mentality about even talking about weight. I think it just doesn’t need to be a conversation.”

After revealing her kids were confused by the scrutiny she faces from the public about her body image, she said:

“I tell my kids, ‘How you feel about yourself is how you should feel.’ It’s not about … you don’t dress for anybody else. You don’t try to look like anybody else.”

It sounds like she has a good grasp on how to handle this. And honestly, if the worst thing Maxwell does is wear a crop top as a preteen, we’d say she’s gonna be just fine!

[Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram]

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