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Jim Edmonds SLAMS Ex-Wife Meghan King For 'Exploiting' Son By Sharing His Potty Training Struggles!

Jim Edmonds SLAMS Ex-Wife Meghan King For ‘Exploiting’ Son By Sharing His Potty-Training Struggles!

Jim Edmonds is furious with Meghan King… over potty training?!

The former MLB center fielder is railing against his ex-wife after she spoke openly about their 4-year-old son Hart’s bathroom problems — turning their already contentious co-parenting relationship into an even more s**tty dynamic!

Jim’s frustration comes shortly after the Real Housewives of Orange County star asked followers for advice on how to potty train a child with “sensory issues” after she admittedly hit “detours and roadblocks” in the process, saying in an Instagram video on Tuesday:

“Hart is afraid of the toilet (I think) and I’ve tried every motivator on the planet. The clock is ticking as school requires him to be potty trained and it starts in a month!”

No wonder she’s stressed! Hart’s already had some other issues in school as a result of his diagnosis.

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After trying lots of strategies on her own over the past year, she was desperate for some help, adding:

“Any words of wisdom from others who have children with sensory issues, etc is much much appreciated (and NECESSARY at this point)!”

You can check out her full explanation of the potty training dilemma (below)!

So what’s the big deal?!

Well, her ex-husband is now putting her on BLAST for speaking so openly about their son’s issues, but also claims she has his diagnosis completely wrong! Huh?!

In a heated statement to TMZ on Thursday, the athlete’s rep, Steve Honig, insisted Jim feels his baby momma is “exploiting” their toddler, adding:

“Jim wishes Meghan would respect their children’s privacy and stop putting their son and his challenges in the spotlight.”

Jim is also apparently fed up with Meghan claiming their son has CP when he was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (or PVL), which is a softening of the white brain tissue near the ventricles. King initially shared Hart’s PVL diagnosis in July 2019 but then followed up with an update on her blog in October 2020 when he received a CP diagnosis, reflecting:

“I knew it was CP since Hart was a few months old. I just knew. Hart’s brain isn’t paralyzed, but there are some areas of damage. CP quite simply manifests as a motor disorder. That’s it. Yep.”

Edmonds, who also shares Aspen, 5, and Hart’s twin, Hayes, 4, with the Bravo personality, claimed to be “unaware” of Hart’s additional diagnosis at the time, his rep told Us Weekly back then:

“If it is even true, it is completely unconscionable and absolutely disgraceful that Meghan would announce this on social media without discussing it with him first.”

Meghan clapped back, arguing:

“Jim’s statements are untrue, and I refuse to address them further.”


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Either way, it’s clear that Jim just doesn’t like his children’s business getting blasted across social media, which is fair! But they should talk about that and figure out a solution in private. Instead, his rep told TMZ he feels like Meghan should respect their privacy more and stop posting about Hart’s challenges as a way to get herself more attention. Yeesh.

As we mentioned, the couple has had a rocky relationship ever since their split in 2019 following five years of marriage. Last week, the 37-year-old claimed their relationship was worse than it was when they called it quits — so that’s saying something! Is there hope for the future? We’re crossing our fingers for the kids’ sake, but right now it seems they’re both a little too focused on pointing fingers than reconciling. Jim’s rep concluded:

“If Meghan wants to improve her ability to co-parent with Jim, it might be a good idea for her to stop constantly disparaging him.”

Seems her recent comments really poked the bear! Too bad their little kids are now in the middle of this mess. Do you think Jim has a point or was Meghan justified in her potty training post? Sound OFF (below)!!

[Image via Meghan King/Jim Edmonds/Instagram]

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