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British GQ Gave Joe Biden A Badly Photoshopped 'Makeover' And Everybody Hates It!

Joe Biden's British GQ photo shoot is not going over so well with the American public...

Most (smart) Americans are very thankful Joe Biden is our new President, as we now have someone competent, consistent, and not awful in the White House. That’s great!

But Biden isn’t really some cool young bro who is going to change the world. He’s an old politician who’s been in Washington forever! Which, like, whatever! Just please let him be competent and compassionate in his job, that’s all we ask!

So then we have some questions about why British GQ called Biden the “Swagger-In-Chief” in their newly-published March cover story about the 46th Prez. And when we saw the accompanying heavily-photoshopped pictures, we threw up in our mouths a little bit.

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No, seriously! The UK mag’s new cover story on Biden is… something. The outlet originally published the story and photos on Tuesday morning, as you can see (below), and at first it looked normal enough:

The story, written by Michael Wolff, is par for the course with these mags — it’s basically a look into how Biden plans to be more productive than Trump (not hard!) and get things accomplished in Washington (sounds good to us!).

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But the photoshoot and second related article full of accompanying product placement and fashion branding has us picking our jaws up off the floor. Look through this set of pics from the British GQ Instagram account and tell us they’re not ABSOLUTELY ridiculous (below):

Ummm… what are we even looking at??

We have a lot of questions, including: Swagger-in-Chief? Double denim? Preppy shorts and a pastel-colored jacket over the shoulder in the Oval Office? Throwing a cowboy hat in front of a fake Arizona desert backdrop? Sitting on that old convertible with a golf club slung over the shoulder and jean cuffs tucked up like this is a senior citizen community theater production of Grease?!

And for our final query, to steal a few words from Emily Ratajkowski (below), what fresh hell is this?!

Amen! Lily Allen put it even more simply:


New York Magazine reporter Olivia Nuzzi gave further (weirder?) context to the photos themselves (below):

That almost makes it even MORE weird!!! A Biden body double for a GQ fashion shoot? That seems like a thing Trump would do (if any high-end fashion mag wanted him… yeah right!). But seriously, who signed off on this mess?! And who was the decision-maker who looked at all those photos and thought yep, totally normal, no problems here?!

This is the second time something like this has happened to this administration in a month! Their PR people need to get it together or something!

How embarrassing!

We’re not the only ones who panned the over-stylized, over-Photoshopped British GQ shoot, either! IG users were puzzled AF when they saw the shots on Wednesday, with hundreds and hundreds of comments posted like these (below):

“Why make this”

“We love Joe but this is so inappropriate and disturbing”

“Downfall at its absolute”

“A bit much maybe? Still support tho”

“Delete this”

“Is this for real?”

“Don’t ever do that Again. It’s pretty obvious that It’s not something you do. That’s out of style.”

LOLz! Ouch! And Twitter users are just as confused about the point of the whole shoot:

“Please please tell me these are fake”

“how long before Mexico builds a wall to keep Americans out?”

“GQ actually thought this was a good idea. Holy cringe”

“Is this a parody… please let this be a parody.”

“the biden gq shoot emanates strong weekend at bernie’s energy”

“THIS IS REAL?! Like not just photo shop but going to print?!”

“The pic of him on the car looks like the caption should read: ‘coming this fall to ABC…'”

Ha! Love that last one! Seriously, Perezcious readers, what do U make of this SUPER weird cover shoot from British GQ? Even with a body double standing in, why would Biden agree to crop his face into those shots? What are we missing here?! Sound OFF down (below) with your take on this men’s fashion madness!

[Image via WENN/Instar]

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