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Joe Jonas Says Pooping His Pants Was NOT Most Embarrassing Onstage Moment -- But THIS Was!

Joe Jonas Says Pooping His Pants Was NOT Most Embarrassing Onstage Moment -- But THIS Was!

If you can believe it, Joe Jonas has an even MORE embarrassing onstage moment than when he s**t his pants!

Last month, the 33-year-old appeared on Australian radio show Will & Woody, where he reluctantly shared a story he’d “never told anyone” — and it was messy… Literally. At the time, the star explained that he and some friends had recently talked about the “last time” they could remember pooping their pants, and that his latest experience was shockingly just “four years ago.” He shared:

“It’s fresh, but I’ve been able to work through it, a lot of therapy. Let’s just say it was a bad day to choose to wear white clothing. You think it might be a little toot, it might’ve been a little something else, a little something extra.”

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He added that he had to have a “mid wardrobe s**t change during that set,” and that if you were to “go in the archives,” you’d see him in a completely different outfit halfway through his performance!

That would definitely be pretty hard to top in terms of embarrassment, but he now claims to have actually experienced something even worse!

During a Vanity Fair Q&A posted to YouTube Tuesday, he quizzed bros Nick and Kevin on what his ACTUAL most embarrassing onstage moment was, and they both agreed on what they thought was a no brainer — Nick quickly responded, “You s**t your pants,” before Kevin added, “You did. You s**t your pants.” However, the Cake by the Ocean singer had a different moment in mind!

Joe promptly responded, “incorrect,” before sharing:

“It was a fall on national television.”

The father of two was, of course, referencing a moment in which he attempted to walk through a doorway of shattered glass in an artsy performance, but accidentally caught his foot on the frame and fell to his knees in the scattered shards. At the time, he quickly rebounded, rejoining his brothers as they approached the front of the stage, but it clearly left a lasting mark on him! And maybe even on his knees, too, because OUCH! He added:

“That was embarrassing at the time. Now I don’t really care because it’s happened many times since.”

His Jonas Brothers band mates quickly knew the EXACT moment he was referring to, as Nick hilariously shared, “our album sales spiked, though.”

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Ha! Well at least there was one positive takeaway! Watch the full clip (below):

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is falling onstage more embarrassing than s***ing your pants onstage? Poor Joe! Let us know in the comments down below!

[Images via Vanity Fair/YouTube]

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