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Joe Manganiello 'Ready To Move On' From Sofia Vergara -- And 'Fall In Love With Someone' New!

Joe Manganiello Ready To Date Sofia Vergara Divorce

Joe Manganiello is ready to make another woman smile!

The Magic Mike XXL star and Sofia Vergara shocked the world with their divorce announcement this week. The breakup came out of nowhere for fans — but how long have things been over behind closed doors? Long enough Joe is already ready to move on!

A source told on Wednesday the couple is already well into their split. They say Joe “thought Sofia was the one” — but now he knows for damn sure she’s not, so it’s time to find her out there. In other words, he’s ready to mingle. The insider says:

“Joe wants the divorce to go as clean as possible. He would love as little drama [as possible] to come from it. Joe is ready to date, ready to move on, ready to have fun again and fall in love with someone.”

The source says Joe was stoked to get married in the first place and is hoping to make another real love connection — not to play the field:

“He never wanted to be single, he thought Sofia was the one, but he knows that since it didn’t work with Sofia, he is getting to a better place within himself to move on to make someone else happy, which in turn will make him happy.”

Seems like a healthy place to be in to us!

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And just think, somewhere out there is a woman who will be the next Mrs. Manganiello, and she doesn’t even know it yet… Wow. The thing is, we may not know about it for a long time when he does find her. The source explains Joe will be on the lookout — but he’ll also be very private about it next time:

“Joe will never dodge an opportunity if the opportunity is right. He does that with his work, he does that with his relationships. But when it happens, don’t expect him to shove it down our throats [because] he would like to move into a new relationship with little to no reaction.”

Does this mean he’ll look for a non-celeb relationship next time? The way the source puts it:

“He doesn’t want to be tied into a situation where people are judging his relationships in the future. He just wants to live a happy life.”

And sadly that happy life will NOT be with Sofia. The insider makes clear there ain’t gonna be a Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez redux years from now.

“He is not looking back and there isn’t a situation where this will be like Ben and JLO, they aren’t going to get back together.”

Wow, so final! If there wasn’t any cheating or other huge betrayal, then they must just really know they aren’t right for one another! Damn.

[Image via Warner Bros/Netflix/Sheri Determan/WENN.]

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