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JoJo Siwa Is Looking SUPER Different These Days! OMG!

JoJo Siwa Is... Looking A Bit Different These Days!

Have YOU seen JoJo Siwa’s new look?!

Over the weekend, the Dance Moms alum took to TikTok to ask her followers who they’d dial up in an “unserious” call to Heaven… But fans were FAR more innerested with her appearance than the content of the vid!!

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Over the 20-year-old’s years in the spotlight, we’ve all grown accustomed to her looking a particular way. You know the one! Tight ponytails, bows, hearts, rainbows, and LOTS of glitter.

But now, it looks like she’s taking her fashion in a different direction! In her TikTok vid, the So You Think You Can Dance judge sported a black tank top, black biker shorts, and a braided hairdo which TOTALLY gave off mullet vibes!! She paired the look with a big gold chain, aviator glasses, and an arm full of patchwork tattoos as she held a Ghost energy drink in her hand. You can see it for yourself (below):


Who are we curious to talk to?

♬ original sound – JoJo Siwa

Where’s all the color?! Where’s all the glitter?! LOLz!

In the comments, fans joked that she gave off a vibe similar to that of David Spade in his hit 2001 movie Joe Dirt:

“Telling my kids this is Joe Dirt lol”

You mean JoJo Dirt?! HA! They’re not necessarily wrong!

Other fans compared her to other famously mullet-clad stars:

“Thought this was Dog the Bounty Hunter”

“Why are you Tiger King”

“Telling my kids this is Billy Ray Cyrus

“That one drunk uncle won’t leave you alone”

“u look like a divorced dad”

“I’m sorry I made fun of the bows”

Ha! Too funny!!! But, like, come on! Can’t a girl express herself?? Regardless, can we add into the convo here that her new look — ESPECIALLY her tattoos — kind of gives off similar vibes to Aussie musician G Flip??

Just saying!!

What are YOUR thoughts on JoJo’s new appearance?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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