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JoJo Siwa Defends Disgraced Dance Moms Coach Abby Lee Miller -- Their Relationship Is 'Amazing'??

JoJo Siwa Defends Disgraced Dance Moms Coach Abby Lee Miller -- Their Relationship Is 'Amazing'??

No bad blood? JoJo Siwa is sticking up for her controversial former dance teacher Abby Lee Miller!

On Wednesday’s episode of Call Her Daddy, the Dance Moms alum reflected on her time on the Lifetime reality show. She claimed that she never let her dance coach’s harsh comments get under her skin. Like, even when she was left sobbing on TV?! Apparently not! JoJo said she always knew what she was “getting myself into,” explaining:

“I saw what she was like on TV and I somehow as a kid could always see the bigger picture.”


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Recalling how her mom, Jessalynn Siwa, would always be “pissed” and “fight all day on set” when she would rank at the “bottom of the pyramid,” the Karma singer added:

“And I was like, ‘No mom, because the person at the top of the pyramid gets, ‘Congratulations, you’re at the top.’ The person at the bottom though, gets the whole storyline of the TV show.’ And she was like, ‘How the f**k do you know that?’ I’d be like, ‘It literally doesn’t matter. Like, we are making a TV show.’ And so I always kind of realized that.”

She knew all of this at… 11 years old?!? Um, that’s hard to believe! But we guess it’s good because that’s supposedly what helped her walk away from the series unscathed (or so she’s claiming). While many former reality stars have come forward about the emotional and verbal abuse they allegedly endured from Abby, JoJo insists her relationship is still “amazing” with the disgraced teacher. She dished:

“The thing is, I was there to make a TV show. She was there to make a TV show. And that is how dance teachers are. And Dance Moms really just put that on display.”

Continuing to defend Miller, she went on:

“But I will say, I have had teachers worse than Abby. Like she’s not the worst that I’ve had. Toughness-wise, mean-wise. And I liked it. Like I wanted to be good, and she was right.”

The Nickelodeon alum always “craved her approval,” and felt the choreographer’s notes were hard truths she needed to hear — even if the way they were delivered (to children, no less) was mean AF! The Boomerang artist said:

“But like, Dance Moms. There wasn’t anything besides like, tough love almost, you know what I mean? Like she wanted us to be the best.”

But “tough love” can still be incredibly toxic!! And let’s not forget that the Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test alum previously revealed she has a “bald spot” on the side of her head because her time on the competition show made her SO stressed! So, whether or not she agrees with the abuse allegations, it was obviously an intense environment!

FWIW, it’s sure inneresting that JoJo is so adamant about how Abby did nothing wrong especially since she’s now allegedly carrying on the trend of cutthroat teaching with her new child charges, according to an explosive report earlier this year. Not great! But we guess it makes sense why she’d allegedly treat her dancers like “trash” if she didn’t see anything wrong with her former coaches doing the same! Thoughts?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Kelly Clarkson Show/Lifetime/YouTube]

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