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Jonah Hill Got 'Scary' In Radio Interview When He Was Called Out For Ghosting Girl He Slept With!

Jonah Hill Scary Interview

For most of us, the accusations against Jonah Hill are shocking — but for some who’ve met the Superbad star they apparently seem a little too easy to believe.

Take, for instance, radio host Fifi Box. On Tuesday’s Fifi, Fev, & Nick show, she recalled a moment Jonah got really mean and “scary” — and it happened to be when he was being asked about his treatment of women. Hmm…

Fifi explained she and her co-host at the time, Jules Lund, were interviewing Jonah and Channing Tatum back in 2012 as they were promoting 21 Jump Street. For those who don’t remember their show, here’s some vintage Fifi and Jules:

Fifi said the chat turned from pleasant promo to “disastrous” awkwardness after Jules got a little bold on behalf of a friend. He asked Jonah a “provocative” question about  how he’d treated a one-night-stand the last time he was in Australia! As Fifi remembered:

“It was a very uncomfortable, and I am gonna say a little scary, moment because he did fire up. … It did provoke Jonah.”

In the unearthed audio clip, Jules drops a gotcha question on the comic actor, saying out of nowhere:

“Last time you were out here, Jonah, you hooked up with a friend of mine, and you didn’t call her.”

Wow. Was that what he was like? Was Jonah Hill a womanized back then??

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The Moneyball star was understandably uncomfortable, responding:

“That’s not true… That’s not the last time I was out here, first of all.”

Not the greatest defense tbh… But he then tried to turn the tables and threaten Jules, saying:

“You’re talking to two people who have no shame in hiding anything from their past, right? But we don’t know enough about you to dig up all the s**t from your past, to make fun of you about on live radio. So if I knew anything about you and I cared enough, I’d dig up embarrassing s**t from your past, and I would rip on you about it. But I don’t care, and I don’t know, so I don’t have the luxury.”

Hear the resurfaced audio (below):

It doesn’t sound all that “scary” to us, but also we only have the audio. We don’t know what his eyes were saying, what the temperature was like in that room.

What the old interview does indicate to us is that there’s always been an uncomfortable air for Jonah when it comes to his treatment of women. This is certainly more in line with his ex Sarah Brady‘s accusations of emotional abuse and misogyny than the image we had in our heads of the Don’t Look Up actor last week.

And, disturbingly, it’s closer to the allegations he assaulted Zoey 101 star Alexa Nikolas when she was just 16 years old. She claimed this week that he “slammed me to the door and shoved his tongue down my throat” at a party — and that he very well knew she and her friends were underage Nickelodeon stars.

What do YOU think about this latest evidence that Jonah may have been a bad guy for a really long time??

[Image via MEGA/WENN.]

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